WWE News: John Cena admits he regrets making his WWE feud with The Rock personal: It was stupid of me

Updated on Jun 25, 2020 01:35 AM IST  |  4.9M
WWE News: John Cena admits he regrets making his WWE feud with The Rock personal: It was stupid of me

John Cena and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s WWE rivalry continues to be one of the most highlighted WWE feuds of all time. While the fans loved the friction, John recently admitted that he regrets how he handled things back then. The 16-time world champion revealed that he regrets how he took the professional feud personally and even called Dwayne a "sell-out" for ditching WWE to make it big in Hollywood, especially since he followed the same path.

Dwayne was at the top of his wrestling game when he decided to retire from WWE in 2004 to follow a career in Hollywood. And he has successfully added various impressive acting credits to his acting resume, including Jumanji, Hobbs and Shaw, Central Intelligence, Baywatch, Skyscraper and Hercules. Just like Johnson, Cena too decided to quit his wrestling career to follow his Hollywood dreams and has since picked up roles in films like Fast and Furious 9, Trainwreck, Blockers and Bumblebee.

While the wrestlers did make a few appearances on WWE events after retiring, they have not been active in the wrestling scene. Back in the day, John made a few comments about Dwayne in various interviews. The rivalry found its way to the wrestling ring in 2011 when Dwayne returned to WWE television to serve as the host for WrestleMania XXVII and ended up costing Cena the main event.

Following this, the wrestlers again locked horns at WrestleMania XXVIII and Dwayne ended up winning the match. However, their feud did not end there. Cena took his revenge by beating The Rock at WrestleMania 29 for the WWE Championship. Reflecting on making the WWE rivalry personal, John said, “I said some things that were less than nice. He said some things that were less than nice,” he said.

“I can assure you, in our line of work there is a grey area where imagination becomes very real and we were right in the sweet spot of that grey area, each watching the other's every move and not too happy with the other party," The Sun reported the 43-year-old actor as saying. “It was stupid of me. It genuinely was. That was my perspective at the time," John admitted.

Dwayne had never shied away from reflecting on quitting WWE. Just last month, the wrestler-turned-actor opened up about his retirement and also explained why he made a comeback later. “I retired from WWE in 2004, at the age of 32. Well, here’s the why, at that time, there were two reasons; my contract had expired, and the most important thing is that an agreement I have with anybody in the world, any company, any individual it’s always important to me,” he said.

After owning the WWE ring for 7 glorious years, he decided to enter Hollywood. Explaining his move, the actor said, “I was at the top. I was the biggest number one draw. Retired from this world that I loved so much, and I know it’s a lot for some people to swallow,” he said. While Dwayne mentioned that he loved wrestling at WWE, the Jumanji actor stated that he wanted to be more successful.

“This philosophy, if I could leave and become successful in Hollywood and become successful outside of the world of professional wrestling, of the world of WWE and when I say successful, my ambition was I wanted global success. I wanted to have global influence in a very very real and powerful way,” he said. The Rock mentioned that he did not leave the platform on a bad note. He said WWE CEO Vince McMahon supported his decision.

After staying away from the wrestling scene for years, The Rock made a come-back to face Cena. “I called Vince McMahon in 2011, and I said it's time. He said it’s the time too and we mapped out a plan to bring me back and have a series of matches and come back out of retirement,” he recalled.

Dwayne will be next seen in DC superhero film Black Adam, and Red Notice starring Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. Meanwhile, Cena currently has five films in production — F9, The Suicide Squad, Project X-Traction, Vacation Friends, and The Janson Directive. Earlier this year, John returned to WWE and ended up losing a Firefly Fun House Match with Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 36.

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