WWE News: Jon Moxley REVEALS he's a big fan of The Shield member Roman Reigns teaming up with Paul Heyman

In a recent interview, Jon Moxley spoke candidly about how he's appreciative of his good friend Roman Reigns teaming up with Paul Heyman in WWE which he thinks is very cool.
WWE News: Jon Moxley REVEALS he's a big fan of The Shield member Roman Reigns teaming up with Paul Heyman
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It's been a really long time since Jon Moxley kissed goodbye to WWE and is currently ruling in AEW as it's World Champion. While the wrestler has been severely critical when it comes to WWE's management and how he felt imprisoned during his short but memorable tenure because of no creative control, Moxley has also been appreciative over certain current WWE storylines that catches his eye as a wrestling fan.

Roman Reigns teaming up with Paul Heyman is one such WWE angle that has won over Jon. In a recent interview with SunSport, the 34-year-old wrestler shared how he was a fan of The Shield member aligning with Heyman and becoming the Universal Champion post his WWE return. "The concept of him and Paul Heyman - that was very cool to me. I think that's gonna work out really good," Moxley shared honestly before adding, "All my friends there (WWE) I wanna turn the TV on and I wanna see them kicking a** and doing great."

It's indeed a fresh, unique combo between Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman that the WWE Universe is definitely getting behind!

Do you agree with Jon Moxley's positive remarks on Roman Reigns teaming up with Paul Heyman? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

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Meanwhile, Roman is all set to defend his Universal Championship against his cousin Jey Uso at Clash of Champions 2020, which takes place on September 27.

Last week's WWE SmackDown saw Reigns and Uso team up against Sheamus and King Corbin and while Jey picked the win for his team by hitting a Superfly Splash on Corbin, he almost hit his own cousin in the process. They may be pals for now but we won't be surprised if the Big Dog turns on his own family member.

Anonymous 6 months ago

I feel when it's time for Bayley to lose her championship belt Banks will be the one beats her. Roman makes a great heel and I also feel he will eventually team up with Jay Uso? WWE is actually starting to become fun to watch again.