WWE News: Renee Young quips she wants to make a dance video with Jon Moxley but CM Punk strictly disagrees

Updated on Feb 03, 2021 10:26 PM IST  |  2M
Renee Young and CM Punk's Twitter conversation over Jon Moxley is too funny to be ignored.

Jon Moxley and Renee Young are surely a match made in wrestling heaven. The couple, who recently celebrated their third anniversary, i.e. on April 9, 2020, is currently quarantining together in their Las Vegas home. Moreover, Renee continues to shoot virtually for WWE Backstage along with Booker T, Christian and Paige while Jon is still AEW World Champion popping up for matches every now and then. Just like everyone else, Young is trying to keep herself entertained at home by relying on social media as a source of distraction. Even with TikTok videos!

In a recent tweet, the WWE commentator quipped about how she wishes to make a dance video with her hubby dearest. "I’m just a girl, in quarantine, wishing her husband would do a TikTok dance with her," the 34-year-old WWE employee tweeted and those who are fans of Moxley know that this request would only take place in a blue moon. Moreover, CM Punk, who is an active analyst on WWE Backstage and good friends with Renee took to Twitter to respond to her tweet with two simple words: "Please no." Young tweeted back, "Lol I personally think it’s what the people want."

Check out Renee Young and CM Punk's Twitter exchange over Jon Moxley below:

Hilarious, indeed!

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Meanwhile, during a recent interview on WWE's After The Bell podcast, Renee addressed fan speculations about a possible move to WWE's rival company AEW, where her husband is currently employed. "It's so annoying. It's so stupid that I feel like I can't even tweet about something or that I can't talk about a match that he had or whatever because all this backfire, 'AEW Confirmed! Renee Young Going to AEW!' It's like, guys, give me a break. It's just non-stop. But having so much wrestling on TV, it's like I don't know. People need to take a chill pill," Young stated.