WWE News: Seth Rollins REACTS to The Shield brother Roman Reigns welcoming twins for 2nd time: It's awesome

Seth Rollins spoke candidly about his excitement for his The Shield brother, Roman Reigns, who recently welcomed his second set of twins with his wife, Galina Becker. Read below to know what the Monday Night Messiah had to share on the same.
Seth Rollins will soon be embracing fatherhood as his fiancée and WWE Superstar, Becky Lynch, is due in December 2020.
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A few weeks back, Roman Reigns had revealed that the real reason why he skipped out on Wrestlemania 36 and decided to stay at home with his family was that his wife, Galina Becker, had welcomed their second set of twins. Hence, the 35-year-old wrestler had to provide a helping hand as they now have five kids. On the other hand, Roman's The Shield brother, Seth Rollins is all set to embrace fatherhood soon as his fiancée and WWE Superstar, Becky Lynch is due in December 2020.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Seth was asked for his reaction on Reigns' big news about being a dad again. To this, the 33-year-old wrestler revealed, "Oh yeah. They’re just turning out twins, man. This is their second set of twins now, which is crazy to me. I’ve never met anyone that had two sets of twins back-to-back. I was fortunate to get the news a while back, and it was nice to see him come out and explain why he’s been taking time off. He’s got five kids running around at home, and he’s trying to help the wife out and make sure everybody’s safe. It’s awesome."

"It seems like everybody is getting in on the new kid thing these days (laughs)," the Monday Night Messiah shared with SI.

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Meanwhile, in his interview with TMZ Sports, Roman had shared how his decision to skip Wrestlemania 36 was bigger than himself. "It's my family, it's my children, they are my legacy. No matter what I do in this world, my children are gonna be the ones to represent my name and carry our name forward. So I had to make that choice for them, to protect them being so young," Reigns stated to TMZ Sports.