WWE News: The Undertaker is DONE with wrestling post botch filled match with Goldberg at Super ShowDown?

The Undertaker surprised the WWE Universe when he 'liked' a fan's comment, demanding WWE to stop bringing the wrestler back for matches. Fans were left appalled after the botch-filled bout between Taker and Goldberg at WWE Super ShowDown.
The Undertaker and Goldberg wrestled a botch-filled match at WWE Super ShowDown.The Undertaker and Goldberg wrestled a botch-filled match at WWE Super ShowDown.
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The Undertaker vs. Goldberg was a dream match for many, several decades ago! WWE tried to capitalize on the dream match, a little too late. WWE Super ShowDown, which took place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on June 7, 2019, saw the two legends against each other, wrestling for the first time ever. In spite of the limited focus on hyping the match, people were excited yet very nervous about the bout, given the ages of both wrestlers - Undertaker (54) and Goldberg (52)!

As expected, the match at Super ShowDown between Taker and Goldberg was BOTCHMANIA at its entirety. Not only did we see Goldberg almost suffer a concussion when his head hit the ring post and was bleeding, a botched Jackhammer saw Taker dropped on his head and neck. On the other hand, Undertaker tried to Tombstone Piledriver his opponent but Goldberg's head hit the canvas, instead. After several more botches and post his win, The Undertaker looked furious and deservedly so. Taker's frustration was palpable when he proceeded to 'like' a fan's Instagram comment criticizing WWE.

A small excerpt from the fan's comment reads as, "Can you please stop bringing Undertaker back now? Jesus Christ after everything he has done for the company just let him retire in peace. Literally, the match was terrible because those two guys are in their 50s, they can’t compete at the main event level anymore."

The fact that Taker himself has liked the IG comment suggests that The Phenom may just be done with WWE and wrestling once and for all!

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He should have retired after losing his streak to Brock leaner(21-1)

Taker should have retired when him, HHH & Michaels walked each other out at mania, it was a perfect ending. Instead he's had annual performances at mania each slightly worse than the last. This may h should have been all build and a 2 minute match, what we got was no build really at all, and a botch-fest match. WWE'S 2019

Those frightening entrance music of the undertaker, his appearance doesn't change but compare to that his performances were horribly change. Every appearance on the ring makes him less and less cheap. Please let him retire with dignity. Like Muhammad Ali did.

i want the undertaker to retire after a last wrestlemania win against someone. after that just apperances promos and stuff like that

i want the undertaker to retire after one last wrestlemania win

See I am a great taker fan.He is also the person whom I admire the most. Before super showdown I was quite excited but seeing the legends wrestle I was disappointed.And please see let him retire cause I don't want him to get hurt seriously.Thank you taker for all you did for us.

i think a lot had to do with the heat vs the age of both of em . they could had been better if it was the first match . but i wish wwe stop doing shows over there .it ruins what wwe was setting up .... i mean no women are ablie to have a match there . and when the government gets involved that hurts anythin

If a dream match results in that by taker and goldberg makes you wonder if it would be a good thing if taker and sting have a match im a big taker fan but if thats what he got left leave that match a dream

I think undertaker was not able to give his best because of goldberg's mistakes due to which he was not able to deliver his moves. Secondly, goldberg before the start of the match got his head bang'd through the door which led to blood shed in the first 2to 3 minutes of the match .
The match was not having that main event vibe like

The match was the best match I had ever seen in my life they gave real finishers to each other risking their life plz Goldberg and undertaker not retire

Match must be again in the Wwe ring

look im a taker and goldberg fan and with that said im very happy either of them was not hurt anymore then they was wwe is a shadow of its former self and trying to use aditude era stars to keep its self on top problem is them guys are getting to old for it wwe is getting desperate now that theres a new show in town venice McMahon has forgotten how to put on a good show maybe due to age idk nxt is good triple h should run the show till someone digs vences head out his ass

That was humiliation. Goldberg was the botcher should retire as well.

Majority of ppl are placing all the blame on Goldberg for this match. Who knows what we have gotten if not for Goldberg possibly knocking himself,in which case if he did would explain why he couldn't pull off the jackhammer and whatnot. You are fuzzy and weak after being knocked out he like any true Superstar tried to fight through but to no success. And the Undertaker is one of a kind, but the man hasn't been able to pull off a decent chokeslam in years, it's like he is just pushing ppl over anymore

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