WWE News: Who is Roman Reigns Summerslam 2019 Opponent? Find Out

While there wasn't an official reveal as to who Roman Reigns' opponent is at SummerSlam 2019, a news report stated a possibility of who his opponent could be. Read below to know more.
Roman Reigns was recently attacked twice by Erick Rowan on SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw.Roman Reigns was recently attacked twice by Erick Rowan on SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw.
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Roman Reigns ran into trouble during both SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw over the past two weeks, as he was attacked by an unidentified person. First, Roman had tons of steel beams fall over him on SmackDown Live, while backstage and on Monday Night Raw, the wrestler was almost hit with a Prius, just narrowly escaping the car. During this week's SmackDown Live, Reigns got a confession out of Buddy Murphy that it was Erick Rowan who attacked him.

However, there is still no confirmation as to who Roman's SummerSlam 2019 opponent is as the WWE PPV takes place next week on August 12, 2019. According to Wrestle Votes, we know who The Big Dog could take on and it's got us excited! "There were discussions last night about adding Roman Reigns vs Buddy Murphy to the SummerSlam card after the angle that went down on SmackDown. Source said it wasn’t decided either way yesterday, but it remains a possibility as we get closer to the show this weekend," Wrestle Votes tweeted.

Would you like to see Roman Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy at SummerSlam 2019? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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Meanwhile, Roman issued a threat to Erick via Twitter about how he will beat an explanation and an apology out of Rowan. "Looks like I had to beat a confession out of @WWE_Murphy, I’ll have no problem beating an explanation and an apology out of you. @ERICKROWAN #SDLive," Reigns tweeted.

Furthermore, giving Buddy some credit, Roman tweeted, "Man no doubt @WWE_Murphy is a stud! Great in the ring and I can’t wait to introduce him to the Big Fight.  But no matter how big a mans arms are.  If I hit u first, you’re guna take a seat. Big Arms Buddy was no exception. Ah Yessir."

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