WWE RAW: Edge delivers gritty promo ahead of Wrestlemania 36; takes credit for Randy Orton's best version yet

Updated on Mar 31, 2020 07:39 PM IST  |  1.3M
Edge believes that Randy Orton is jealous of his passion for WWE and is jealous of the way he makes him feel.
Edge believes that Randy Orton is jealous of his passion for WWE and is jealous of the way he makes him feel.

While we are at the confines of our home, amidst the coronavirus outbreak, WWE is making sure to keep fans entertained. This week's WWE RAW was all about hyping the feuds of Wrestlemania 36, which is just a few days away (April 4-5). All attention was on Edge, who delivered another power-packed promo to further fans' anticipation for his match with Randy Orton at The Show of Shows. Thanks to both competitors' promo work alone, the fued is being touted as the most exciting Wrestlemania 36 bout!

Edge started off by admitting that Adam Copeland is a major junkie for wrestling and that it's not about ego for him! Then, the wrestler spoke about what grit meant to Randy Orton. "Clearly, We have different definitions of the word grit... You are handpicked by Evolution. That's grit to you. You are resting on the laurels of your family name, coasting off and on with spurts of magic for the last 20 years just okay with being okay," Edge stated. However, for him, grit, "is the type of man that will reach down into that hole, that will pull somebody out that probably doesn’t deserve it," and it's, "forging your own Hall of Fame career."

Edge is in a fiery state of mind ahead of his Wrestlemania 36 match against Randy Orton:

"I was wrong. I said that you were jealous of me. You’re not jealous of me, you’re jealous of my passion. You can’t fabricate passion, you have it or you don't and I have it. The only time you have it is when I’m around. I make you better. I push you, I motivate you, I light a fire under you and everyone else sees it but you. Everyone's talking about it. They know. this is the best Randy Orton has ever been. The last time Randy Orton scratched being this good was nine years ago," Edge shared.

Edge feels that Randy is jealous of the wrestler's passion and is jealous of the way he makes him feel. Telling Orton to listen to the voices in his head, Edge recalled how his Rated-RKO partner came for his pack, attacked his wife and took his daughter's names, hence pulling him back to WWE.

"You dug yourself another hole, didn’t you, Randy? This time, I’m not gonna pull you back out. I’m gonna push you so far in, you will never get back out," Edge concluded with utmost passion.

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