WWE SmackDown Results: Kevin Owens decimates Roman Reigns in feisty brawl before their Royal Rumble 2021 match

Kevin Owens surely had the last laugh in this week's WWE SmackDown by smashing his Royal Rumble 2021 opponent Roman Reigns through the announce table with a deadly Pop-up Powerbomb.
WWE SmackDown Results: Kevin Owens decimates Roman Reigns in feisty brawl before their Royal Rumble 2021 match
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"My back hurts because I've been carrying this damn company for years now," Universal Champion Roman Reigns proclaimed in the opening segment of this week's WWE SmackDown. With Adam Pearce's interruption, the back-and-forth promo led to Paul Heyman challenging the WWE official to a match which he accepted with fierce determination. However, the main event didn't go as planned, obviously!

In case you were wondering where The Tribal Chief's Royal Rumble 2021 opponent was, a backstage segment solved the puzzle for the WWE Universe. Kevin Owens explained, "I showed up to work today and was told I couldn't get into the building because Roman Reigns pulled some strings to make sure I wouldn't be there." During their match, using Pearce's tactic against him, Heyman pretended to have a leg injury and prompted for a 'card subject to change' making way for Reigns to take his place. Roman had no mercy for Adam and started to pummel him, which included the cheap tactic of a low blow when it looked like Pearce was starting to fight back.

Just as Reigns lined up Pearce for a brutal toss from the WWE ThunderDome perch, in stereotypical WWE fashion, a black hoodie wearing Owens saved the night by attacking the champ. The two had an epic brawl (several officials tried to intervene and keep them apart but to no avail) as KO not only ducked a Superman Punch but also unleashed wrath upon Roman with two Stunners before completely decimating The Big Dog by smashing him through the announce table with a Pop-up Powerbomb.

Check out some highlights from WWE SmackDown below:

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SmackDown's conclusion was indeed a happy ending for Mr. Owens and gives him a dominant leeway before his match against Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble 2021, scheduled to take place on January 31.

Who do you think will win during Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens at Royal Rumble 2021? Share your pick with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

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