WWE: Steve Austin REVEALS if The Rock was bothered by the shifting spotlight during Wrestlemania 17

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock's main event match at Wrestlemania 17 is a classic bout, to be remembered for decades. In an interview, Stone Cold discussed The Rock's reaction to the spotlight shifting to Mr. 3:16.
Stone Cold Steve Austin had turned heel and beat The Rock at Wrestlemania 17.Stone Cold Steve Austin had turned heel and beat The Rock at Wrestlemania 17.
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One of the greatest rivalries in WWE history was the one between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. The two have fought each other in three Wrestlemania main events, with one trumping over the other. All three were instant classics! Wrestlemania 15. Wrestlemania 17. Wrestlemania 19. While the first two were won by Stone Cold, The Rock got retribution during their last bout. However, Wrestlemania 17 saw the rise of heel Stone Cold as he made a deal with the devil himself, Vince McMahon, and beat The Rock.

But was Dwayne Johnson bothered by the spotlight shifting on Steve Austin? While appearing on The Dan Patrick Show, Stone Cold tackled the question and revealed, "Rock was cool with it. Rock was about to ride off into the sunset and go film I think it might've been his first movie, and now he's the biggest movie star in the world." Furthermore, getting candid about his friendship with The Rock, Steve confessed that he doesn't email him and they don't text each other. Neither does Austin have The Rock's number!

"But as soon as we get in a room together, it's that instant camaraderie friendship, but I'd love to spend some time with him, because I brought out the best in him and he always brought out the best in me," Stone Cold shared.



Takin’ Care of Business w @therock. @wwe #wwe #tbt

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While Stone Cold appeared on Raw Reunion recently, The Rock is expected to be a special surprise at SmackDown's 20th anniversary.

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