WWE: What is the cost of Seth Rollins’ Big Red Boots that went viral on social media?

Seth Rollins curb-stomped The Miz wearing the Big Red Boots by MSCHF. Find out the staggering cost of the boots which have a similarity with Astro Boy’s shoes.

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Seth Rollins (Images: Seth Rollins, WWE Instagram)
Seth Rollins (Images: Seth Rollins, WWE Instagram)

Seth Rollins’ big red boots grabbed the limelight during his recent segment on WWE RAW. The American professional wrestler is not only famous for his in-ring ability, but also for his unique fashion choices. Speaking of which, Seth once again turned heads because of the eclectic pair of shoes that he wore while appearing on Miz TV, and curb-stomped The Miz. While Twitterati could not stop talking about the now-viral shoes, you will be surprised to know the staggering cost of Seth Rollins’ Big Red Boots. Find out below.

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What inspired Seth Rollins’ Big Red Boots on RAW?

As reported by Sportskeeda, Seth Rollins’ big red boots have a similarity to the Japanese Anime Astro Boy, where the titular character is seen wearing the same kind of shoes. The boots are also seen on Nickelodeon’s Dora The Explorer. This pair of trendy footwear has become an instant hit among quite a few influencers, after being released by the Art Collective Group called MSCHF. The group was founded by Gabriel Whaley in 2016. The company gained popularity during the pandemic because of its wide range of fun products and charitable events.

Seth Rollins (Images: Seth Rollins, WWE Instagram)

What is the cost of Seth Rollins’ Big Red Boots?

While the retail price of the shoes is reportedly priced at $350, their cost is much higher online. For instance, on a website called StockX.com, these Astro Boy-inspired red boots are priced at a whopping $1119. The last price they were sold for was $979. The boots will reportedly go on sale on 16 February.


Seth Rollins, whose full name is Colby Daniel Lopez, is currently gearing himself up for the Elimination Chamber where he will fight for the upcoming United States Championship. The 36-year-old pro wrestler has been in an ongoing feud with Austin Theory, who is the defending US Champion. However, it looks like Rollins might not win the Elimination Chamber match.

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What is the cost of the big red boots worn by Seth Rollins?
The Big Red Boots worn by Seth Rollins are priced at a whopping $1119.

How old is Seth Rollins?
Seth Rollins is aged 36 years.

Are Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns friends?
Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns share an amicable relationship.

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