X Men: Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg REVEALS the story behind the MCU Easter egg

Diehard fans of X-Men decoded a tiny MCU Easter egg in X-Men: Dark Phoenix starring Sophie Turner. Director Simon Kinberg revealed the story behind the Easter egg. Read below to know more.
X-Men: Dark Phoenix had a tiny MCU Easter egg towards the climax of the film.X-Men: Dark Phoenix had a tiny MCU Easter egg towards the climax of the film.
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X-Men: Dark Phoenix marks the last installment in the 19-year-long beloved franchise which saw iconic Marvel characters like Professor X, Magneto and Wolverine in action. Sophie Turner's Jean Grey takes center stage as she enters the dark side and transforms to the Dark Phoenix, thus being a direct threat to the rest of the mutants and the entire universe, at large. Given Disney and Fox's recent deal, X-Men may or not become a part of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) now.

Did you know that the director and writer of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Simon Kinberg accidentally added an MCU Easter egg towards the climax of the film. The soldiers towards the end of the movie were a part of the Mutant Containment Unit, short for MCU. When Simon was asked about the reference, he told CNET that when the idea of Mutant Containment for the train came up, he immediately recognized the acronym as MCU. They did not have time to change it and also, Kevin Feige has a special place in Simon's heart as he produced the first X-Men movie that Kinberg was a part of.



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"What he's done with the MCU is beyond imagination for someone like me who grew up a fan of the comics. So I put it in there as a sort of like a wink and smile with respect to the MCU and by the end of the movie that MCU soldiers are fighting alongside the X-Men," Simon revealed to CNET.

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