‘You Just Knew It Was a Hit’: Cher Reflects on Pioneering Auto-Tune Use In Believe After Dispute with Producer

Cher, the goddess of pop music, appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show and recalled how her track Believe became the first auto-tuned number following an argument with the producer, Mark Taylor..

Published on Jun 12, 2024  |  06:56 PM IST |  37.9K
Cher and her boyfriend Alexander A.E. Edwards- Getty Images
Cher and her boyfriend Alexander A.E. Edwards- Getty Images
Key Highlight
  • Cher said that her 1998 hit song Believe was the first track where auto-tune was used
  • On The Jennifer Hudson Show, Cher said that she had an argument with the producer before auto tune
  • 2024 marks the 26th anniversary of Cher’s 1998 hit album, Believe

Cher, the goddess of pop music, has released 26 studio albums and sold 100 million records worldwide as a solo artist. But who would imagine that an argument in the studio with a producer would produce one of her greatest hits? The veteran singer appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show on June 11, 2024, where she named If I Could Turn Back Time and Believe as two of her favorite songs she’s ever recorded.

This led to her telling the viewers on the show how the track Believe was the first auto-tuned one that happened after an argument with the producer, Mark Taylor. Once the track was auto-tuned, she said, “you just knew it was a hit right there,” although later she added, “Well, we didn’t know it was a hit, but we knew we loved it.” 

So what's the funny throwback story? 

Cher said her record Believe was the first track where auto-tune was ever used. It was called a pitch machine, and it happened because of an argument that she had with her producer. She added, "And I love him. We never had any other argument, but we were doing the song, and the chorus sang itself, but the verse was just—it laid there and laid there.”

Cher continued explaining how Taylor kept telling her to sing the verse “better,” to which she said, “I’m singing it as good as I can.” However, by the time the fourth take arrived and she was still asked to sing it better, she fired back at Taylor and walked out on him.


That's when the producer called her the next day and told her about the pitch machine, saying, "give me a couple hours and then come in ‘cause I think I’ve got something really interesting.’”

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More details about Cher's album Believe 

2024 will be the 26th anniversary of Cher's 1998 Believe album. Last year, the singer celebrated 25 years of the LP, which was her 22nd studio album. To mark the occasion, she released a deluxe edition with 13 remastered remixes and a double CD. Cher also performed the song live at the iHeartRadio Music Awards this year, where she received the prestigious Icon Award.

Furthermore, after all these years of creating music and being in the industry, Cher left the viewers of the show with some golden piece of life advice. "From my experiences, have a dream, and then don't give it up no matter what happens. Because I know from my own experience that if you have a dream and you stick with it, you will have a wonderful life, and it probably will come true. And that's it for me."


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