Young Sheldon's 5 facts will make you want to rewatch the show; Check it out

Love Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, and especially, Young Sheldon? Check out 5 interesting facts from Young Sheldon.

Updated on Dec 05, 2019 05:45 PM IST  |  3.4M
 Check out interesting facts from Young Sheldon.
Check out interesting facts from Young Sheldon.
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Everyone either loved Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory or found him extremely annoying. Either way, the character was loved and the show The Big Bang Theory had a deserved spin-off show on him titled ‘Young Sheldon.’ Young Sheldon showcases the life of Sheldon as a kid. Sheldon has always been an intelligent guy. According to him, he is always right and is the smartest in the group. He thinks Leonard’s career is a hobby and a wrong choice for a profession. He makes fun of Howard being an engineer, amongst other things.

Young Sheldon is set in Texas where the nine-year-old Sheldon lives with his mother Mary, twin sister Missy, his brother George Jr. and father George Cooper. He calls his grandmother ‘Meemaw’. The show has 3 seasons and is still on the air. The idea for this show came from the actor who played the older version of Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons. He gave this idea to the producers.

Here are the 5 facts of the show:

1] Sheldon’s mother


 Mary in Young Sheldon is the daughter of the actress who played Mary in The Big Bang Theory.

2] Young Sheldon is set in the 1980s


The show is set in the late ’80s with no mobiles, smartphones or laptops.

3] Jim Parsons' narration on Young Sheldon


Jim Parsons who played Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory is the narrator on Young Sheldon as an adult who is looking back at his childhood.

4] There are many Easter eggs from The Big Bang Theory on the show


For example How Sheldon loves comics, how he fell in love with trains!

5] Sheldon's father


George Cooper appeared as one of Leonard’s high school bullies. He made a cameo appearance on The Big Bang Theory.

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