Zayn Malik's younger sister HITS back at trolls who called her ‘ugly’; Says ‘Haters are my motivators’

Zayn Malik's younger sister Waliyha recently faced some horrific online trolling and the 22-year-old snapped back at the haters with a fitting response. See what she said below.
Zayn Malik's younger sister HITS back at trolls who called her ‘ugly’; Says ‘Haters are my motivators’
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Pop artist Zayn Malik's younger sister has been subject to some major trolling on social media. Waliyha, uploaded a screenshot of the vile abuse she received to her Instagram Stories. The 22-year-old who recently tied the knot to ex-con Junaid Khan, 24, in December--declared “haters are my motivators” as she hit back at the hateful comments from the keyboard warrior, who said they hoped she'd die of coronavirus.


The account, @big.p*****e.safa.walihya, also targeted her sibling Safaa, 18, nearly a year after cowards sent similar threats to her and her baby daughter Zaneyah, to which Waliyha said “NOTHING YOU SAY EFFECTS ME OR MAKES ME FEEL SAD OR UPSET ABOUT MY LIFE tbh it makes me laugh to see how desperate you are to try and hurt people!” Also responding to the social media user, who also called her “f****g ugly,” the Braford native wrote: “Just a quick message for the sad pathetic low life's who go out there way to make these accounts!” “also how do you make sense your calling me and safaa p****es in the username but your on a fake account you are the biggest coward p***y dying jealous f**k I've ever come across.” 


Earlier this month, her husband Junaid claimed their wedding did not cause a “major rift” between them and the One Direction star's family. The former double-glazing salesman broke his silence on the topic on social media, as he said he wouldn't discuss the singer, 28, or his father-in-law Yaser's decision not to attend the wedding, and claimed the couple “are happy”. 


Unemployed Junaid shared a series of photos with Zayn's sister, and the pair looked smitten in wedding snaps and in a variety of other locations. Underneath the collage, he wrote: 'Just to add to this I will never answer personal questions about Zayn and my father-in-law!  Seemingly in solidarity with his post, his spouse also shared “Sorry but after what I've just seen this needs to be re posted [laughing emojis] OMG embarrassing get help!!! See someone about ur issues [sic].” Musician Zayn and his father refused to attend their nuptials because of their concerns over Khan's criminal past and his precarious financial position.


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