Hometown ChaChaCha: Ep 13 & 14 RECAP: Is this end of the road for Kim Seon Ho & Shin Min Ah's sweet romance?

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The official poster for 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha'
The official poster for 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha' (Pic credit - tvN drama)

After a week full of sweet romantic moments, passionate chemistry and swoon-worthy love, the previous weekend's telecast of 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha' served some shocking twists and turns in our lead couple's romance, that we saw coming, but dreaded waiting for!

Episode 13 begins with Yoon Hye Jin excitedly preparing for Hong Doo Sik's birthday. She prepares some seaweed soup, a traditional Korean birthday treat and dresses in a gorgeous green dress to spend the day with him. However, she didn't anticipate that all the Gongjin townies would gather for Hong Doo Sik's birthday, bringing treats of their own. Hong Doo Sik slurps all the (salty) seaweed soup by himself, making Yoo Hye Jin believe that she's the best cook in town and Gongjin's townies quietly leave to give the much-in-love couple some alone time.

Yoon Hye Jin runs into some of her snooty Seoul friends and they invite her and Hong Doo Sik to a weekend golf session at a nearby club! Hong Doo Sik agrees to keep Yoon Hye Jin's pride in front of her friends. Yoon Hye Jin's snooty friends are smitten with Hong Doo Sik's various charms but warn Yoon Hye Jin that life decisions have to be made practically. Her friends' words constantly ring in her mind and she asks Hong Doo Sik about his mysterious past. He gives vague answers and she is disappointed with his lack of honesty.

Meanwhile, Yoon Hye Jin and Hong Doo Sik help Geum Cheol and his pregnant wife Yoon Gyeong deliver their baby at Yoon Hye Jin's house as there is a typhoon outside. Yoon Hye Jin and Hong Doo Sik become emotional upon holding the baby in their arms and Yoon Hye Jin's resolve to make her relationship with Hong Doo Sik work, fastens in her heart.

Yoon Hye Jin discovers the secret photograph in his book and he berates her for touching his belongings, heartbroken, she leaves and Hong Doo Sik is reminded of his past days in Seoul National University where he shared the room with his upperclassman, who is like a brother figure to him. We also discover that the woman in the photo is the upperclassman's wife and their kid, who hold a special meaning in Hong Doo Sik's heart.

Episode 14 starts with Yoon Hye Jin leaving Hong Doo Sik's house hurt and heartbroken! Yoon Hye Jin breaks down in front of Hwa Jeong who tries to mend her broken heart with some seaweed soup as they reminisce about Yoon Hye Jin's time in Gongjin and her relationship with Hong Doo Sik. Yoon Hye Jin asks her about Hong Doo Sik's past and Hwa Jeong replies that nobody really knows what happened, except that he was a wreck when he arrived in Gongjin at first and refuses to talk about his past. However, he is happier and in a better emotional state of mind after meeting Yoon Hye Jin and she should exercise some more patience with him.

After failing to reach Yoon Hye Jin through the phone, Hong Doo Sik goes outside to do his job with heavy steps. While Hong Doo Sik is walking, a car passes by. It’s not about the car, but the person inside it. It’s Seon Ah. The woman in the photo that Hong Doo Sik hides. The two are unaware of each other’s presence. But, the surprise does not end there. Guess who she is visiting? It’s Ji Sung Hyun and yes, she is his older sister!

Yoon Hye Jin meets with Hong Doo Sik and gently tells him that she is ready to wait for him to open up to her and that she truly loves him. Hong Doo Sik is touched by her gesture and promises to not let her down. Meanwhile, Ji Sung Hyun who is oblivious of his sister's connection with Hong Doo Sik advises him to be brave and upfront like Yoon Hye Jin. Hong Doo Sik agrees to this and promises himself that he would tell Yoon Hye Jin everything about his past.

We see another flashback of Hong Doo Sik attending his upperclassman Jeong Gu's funeral. His wife Seon Ah emotionally blames Hong Doo Sik for her husband's death as Hong Doo Sik apologises, crying profusely.

Ji Sung Hyun and crew are done filming in Gongjin and the townies make Ji Sung Hyun sing as a farewell gift. Hong Doo Sik takes Yoon Hye Jin aside and tells her that he wants to speak with her post the farewell party. Yoon Hye Jin also needs to discuss her Seoul job with him. Gongjin's townies are discussing Chief Hong and Yoon Hye Jin's romance and how she calls him 'Chief Hong' and not 'Hong Doo Sik'. Director Hoda, Ji Sung Hyun's colleague overhears the conversation and finds out that Chief Hong's real name is Hong Doo Sik! Enraged, he punches him and Hong Doo Sik realises that director Ho Da has a connection with his past trauma! The episode ends on a shocking note with Hong Doo Sik's trauma to be discussed in the past.

Here are our top 4 swoon-worthy moments from the seventh-weekend telecast!

1. Our Shikhye!

2. Kim Seon Ho - actor of the year

3. Communication is key

4. Healing town Gongjin!

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When does Hometown ChaChaCha air?
Hometown ChaChaCha starring Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min Ah airs every Friday and Saturday at 9 pm KST (5:30 pm IST).