Hometown ChaChaCha: Ep 15 & 16 RECAP: Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min Ah's happily ever after

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The official poster for 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha'
The official poster for 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha' (Pic credit - tvN drama)

Audiences beloved 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha' has officially ended! The buzzworthy drama hit a new all-time high in viewership for its series finale! The sweet and healing drama scored an average nationwide rating of 12.7 percent, marking a new personal record for the drama.

Episode 15 starts with the replay of the scene when Do Ha punches Hong Doo Sik in anger for putting his father's health at risk. We are told that the old man has been in a vegetative state for the last six months but Hong Doo Sik is shell-shocked and walks away. Yoon Hye Jin catches up to him and he confirms that whatever Do Ha was telling was the truth. Yoon Hye Jin is aghast. Hong Doo Sik pops some pills at home and just stay away from Gongjin's residents for a while.

Now, the truth of the matter is that Do Ha’s father worked as a security guard at YK Asset Management several years back. Hong Doo Sik was a fund manager back then and convinced him to invest in a risky fund. Even though Hong Doo Sik warns him, the old man doesn't relent and invests anyway. Unfortunately, he lost everything when the stocks plummeted, prompting him to attempt to commit suicide. Do Ha though was there to witness all of this. In fact, Hong Doo Sik’s boss and PD Ji Sung Hyun's brother in law, Jeong U also die in a car accident around the same time.

Hong Doo Sik doesn’t show up the next day around town, which is problematic for everyone given Gongjin is abuzz with people. So many in fact that both Chun Jae and Nam Suk struggle to cope with. Yoon Hye Jin is worried for Hong Doo Sik and wonders if she should reach out to him. Grandma Gam Ri shows up at Yoon Hye Jin’s dental clinic with steamed corn. Following her implants, her teeth aren’t hurting anymore and she’s been indulging in her favourite foods. She’s also there to talk about Hong Doo Sik too, who hasn’t touched his food for days and is seemingly in a complete mess.

Yoon Hye Jin heads over to see Hong Doo Sik who finally opens about his past. Hong Doo Sik begins by mentioning how he and Jeong U used to be good friends and he even regarded him as a brother. It was Jeong U who convinced him to get a job at the Asset Management company as a fund manager under the promise that they can make ordinary people rich.

At first, it was a lot of fun, with Hong Doo Sik meeting new people and making lots of money. Do-Ha originally dissuaded him from joining up to his funds though given they’re a high risk/high return investment. However, the man was adamant and ended up feeling the full brunt of Benjamin Holdings’ bankruptcy – which is the root cause of the stock issue. Now, Hong Doo Sik soon found out that Do Ha’s father took a loan out and bet everything on these funds. However, it was Hong Doo Sik that encouraged him not to sell the stocks and wait as they could well bounce back. Hong Doo Sik blamed himself for this and also not opening up about this more.

If that wasn’t enough, out on the road with Jeong U he lost control of his car while driving, too busy looking at Du-Sik. This led to the pair being hit by the white truck of doom. As a side note here, I’m honestly, struggling to see what Hong Doo Sik has done wrong here beyond maybe not being more forceful with Do Ha’s father. Yoon Hye Jin comforts him and tells him to not feel guilty.

Back over at Hong Doo Sik’s place, Do Ha shows up. He admits that he was surprised that, despite his financial situation, he still managed to live a good life, with his student loan completely paid off. As we soon come to learn, Hong Doo Sik actually sold everything he had to pay Do Ha’s family following the stock issue. Do Ha finally opens up not long after this, admitting that he just wanted someone to blame. This, unfortunately, fell to Hong Doo Sik in the end.

He finally wears the suit Jeong U gifted him and goes to meet Seon A and his nephew, Ha Rang. This moment down on the beach together paves way for Du-Sik to meet his old friend too, who comes to him in a vision from his subconscious. Tears stream down Hong Doo Sik’s face as he admits how much he missed his friend. Jeong U tells him to move on and live his life again.

We are also told that Hong Doo Sik's pent up depression actually led him to contemplate suicide before he returned to Gongjin. Grandma Gamri and Gongjin saved him and he was determined to serve Gongjin's townies and become Chief Hong! We are so told that Hye Jin called the suicide helpline and saved Hong Doo Sik, proving that he is truly his soulmate.

Episode 16 begins with Gongjin's residents gathering at Hong Doo Sik's place to pay their last respects to Grandma Gamri who peacefully passed away last night. Yoon Hye Jin hands over an envelope to Hong Doo Sik, from our very own Gamri. Within this, she tells him he needs to eat, going on to essentially call him her son. It’s such a beautiful moment and one that paves the way to a montage for all our different villagers, who learn to move past Gamri's death in their own ways, remaining confident in the fact she’s with them now in their hearts forever.

It finally hits Hong Doo Sik that his healing - Grandma Gamri is no more and breakdown in Yoon Hye Jin's arms who comforts him. Yoon Hye Jin also declares her decision to stay in Gongjin as the town's only dentist and Hong Doo Sik's life partner, and that she loves the seaside town so much. Finally, after much deliberation, it is time for some good ole romance! Yoon Hye Jin proposes to Hong Doo Sik on the beach who surprises her with a beautiful necklace. They kiss and run around in the water, remembering their first meet at Gongjin's beach.

More romance ensues as the pair kiss and sleep together with Hong Doo Sik feeding Yoon Hye Jin breakfast in bed. The pair have a great morning before eventually heading out and telling the whole village about their marriage plans. It’s a beautiful sequence and one that eventually sees all of them cheering. The drama ends with Hong Doo Sik and Yoon Hye Jin dressed in wedding outfits doing a couple photoshoot for their wedding. The drama ends with Yoon Hye Jin and Hong Doo Sik running hand in hand as 'Romantic Sunday' by Car, The Garden plays in the background.

And yes, Eun Cheol is the lottery winner!

Here are our top 4 swoon-worthy moments from the eighth-weekend telecast!

1. Lessons from Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha!

2. Best Grandma Gamri!

3. Best proposal! 

4. Thank you Homecha!

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