Hometown ChaChaCha Ep 3 & 4 RECAP: Kim Seon Ho is slowly and steadily falling in love with Shin Min Ah

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It was a romantic Sunday indeed! Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min Ah starter 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha' is the talk of the town and rightfully so! This sweet and spunky love story between a prickly Seoul-based dentist Dr. Yoon Hye Jin and Gongjin's handyman Hong Doo Sik is gathering steam and we are loving it. In episode 3, Hye Jin, Doo Sik, and the trio of old ladies travel together with Hye Jin driving the car. Only, on the way, it turns out Gam Ri has really sensitive teeth. Hye Jin suggests she go for a check-up and Gam Ri reluctantly agrees, still not trusting her fully. Of course, there are more adventures on the way, a mad driver overtaking them and Lee Mat Yi putting him in his place and the many bathroom breaks during the entire trip. 

Doo Sik has some business in Seoul and Hye Jin appears at the health clinic in Seoul. At the table, she brags to her colleagues that her new seaside dental clinic is brimming with customers. After, she heads outside and looks longingly at a couple getting married. This, coupled with the invitation inside the car, sees Doo Sik suddenly show up and question what she’s doing. Unbeknownst to them, inside the building, Seo Young snaps pictures of them together. These pictures show up in her friends' chat and she claims that it is Doo Sik who is obsessed with her! 

Back in the clinic, Mi Seon has taken a fancy to Choi Eun Cheol, a shy police officer. Hye-Jin notices too and flashes a warm, cheeky smile at her colleague. On the other hand, old lady Gam Ri is being stubborn about her teeth and Hye Jin is losing patience with her after she rejects an expensive dental treatment. Hye Jin continues to press though, questioning her financial situation, much to Doo Sik’s annoyance. Doo Sik chides her saying she could have been nicer to an old woman. Unbeknownst to Doo Sik, Hye Jin's behaviour stems from her mother's poor health. Seeing Gam Ri stubbornly refuse treatment seems to bring back memories of this, remaining determined to try and help her. Hye Jin gives her a discount, partly due to Doo Sik's encouragement and Gam Ri is grateful for it and even boasts about her new teeth implants. 

Meanwhile, Doo Sik and Hye Jin have a sweet 'lights off' moment when they share some ice cream together and Doo Sik quietly drops off Hye Jin's other shoe back in the rack. And to top it all off? The power goes back on.

In episode 4, Jo Nam Sook invites Mi Seon and Hye Jin for a town meeting and Hye Jin agrees when she learns that Doo Sik, who is also the chief treasurer of the group will be there. Hye Jin starts to regret showing up though, deciding to pretend to be drunk, until Doo Sik steps up and fills in for Dr Yoon on singing duties, who claims to have laryngitis. Hye Jin's idea backfires and Doo Sik is forced to give her a piggyback ride home. Halfway up the road, Doo Sik realizes she’s faking it and calls her out for her charade.

Back at the dental clinic, a shady customer turns up and tries to act smart with Mi Seon. Hye Jin calls him out for his behaviour and slaps him for trying to act shady with her best friend. Doo Sik lands a flying kick on the creepy man and then turns to Hye Jin, asking her if she's okay. At the police station, Gam Ri shows up to drop off the predator’s phone. Only, Doo Sik takes hold of it and shows up to see the patient. He antagonizes the man, calling him out for being a peeping tom and saving the dental clinic in the process.

Later that day, Hye Jin joins Doo Sik over at his place where she notices the photo album. It turns out Du-Sik’s parents died when he was young. It’s a sombre moment but one that passes quickly, as the pair sit together drinking wine that Hye Jin brought as a thank you present. Despite Hye Jin’s best efforts, she ends up sputtering and coughing while drinking. We learn about Doo Sik's bravery and how he's always been a messiah and also a sneak-peek into Hye Jin's sad life. Hye Jin admits that the day she came to Gongjin was actually her Mum’s birthday. She's been feeling like her Mum has been slowly slipping away from her, but before she died they went on a family trip to Gongjin.

Doo Sik lovingly cups her face and looks deep into her eyes saying "It's so hot"! In the epilogue, we see Gam Ri inform Doo Sik that Hye Jin is in danger and Doo Sik runs to save her, slowly and steadily falling for her. 

Here are our top 4 swoon-worthy moments from the second-weekend telecast!

1. Seonhotonin Boost!

2. The Parallels!

3. Super Girl Hye Jin

4. Best Weekends

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When does Hometown ChaChaCha air?
Hometown ChaChaCha starring Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min Ah airs every Friday and Saturday at 9 pm KST (5:30 pm IST).