Hometown ChaChaCha: Ep 7 & 8 RECAP: Is there a new threat looming large on Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min Ah?

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The official poster for 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha'
The official poster for 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha' (Pic credit - tvN drama)

For those who have watched the last weekend's broadcast of 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha' will definitely know what we are referring to! Hong Doo Sik (Kim Seon Ho) and Yoon Hye Jin's budding romance poses a new threat, and it entirely depends on who you think is the threat! In episode 7, Ji Sung Hyun (Lee Sang Yi) and Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah)are pleasantly surprised to see each other in Gongjin. Yoon Hye Jin also discovers that the woman Hong Doo Sik was hanging out with was a crew member from Ji Sung Hyun's team, Ji Won! She is relieved to know that.

As the trio all sit at the town meeting, Nam Sook teases Yoon Hye Jin, claiming there’s a spark between her and Ji Sung Hyun. Things get slightly uncomfortable and the trio take their leave and head back to Hong Doo Sik’s place. The trio gathers to drink, debating over soju proportions and having a good time together. Ji Sung Hyun praises Yoon Hye Jin for her warm and caring nature and Hong Doo Sik teases her for whether this is the same Hye Jin. As the drinks continue flowing, Hong Doo Sik and Ji Sung Hyun continue to play games until they’re in a drunken stupor together. They clearly want to try and outdo the other (playing games '2 Days and I Night' style), but it eventually leads to all three of them asleep together on the floor.

In the morning, Yoon Hye Jin tries to leave and Ji Sung Hyun follows suit, asking her for her number. Nam Sook sees this and broadcasts this to Gongjin's townies, stating that there is a new "love triangle" in the town! Anyway, while Yoon Hye Jin heads to work it leaves Doo Sik and Ji Sung Hyun to spend the day together. Ji Won shows up too, along with a whole bunch of other visitors. Chief Hong is a guide for the day and begins showing people around Gongjin. Hong Doo Sik isn't exactly pleased with Yoon Hye Jin and Ji Sung Hyun's "friendliness" and pangs of jealousy hit him. Meanwhile, Ji Sung Hyun is trying his best to woo old lady Gam Ri into renting her house for the shoot, flattering her with cute gifts!

Hong Doo Sik and Yoon Hye Jin steal some sweet moments of romance as they help old lady Gam Ri with household chores and washing laundry together. The duo splash each other and share adorable summer smiles, till Ji Sung Hyun shows up with cake. He’s bought it from a famous bakery, eventually bringing JUNE (K-pop idol) in to see them too, given how good friends the pair are. JUNE's fan Ju Ri shows up too and is evidently nervous around her "crush". Yoon Hye Jin receives a treat basket from Ji Sung Hyun, unaware that Ji Sung Hyun clearly has feelings for her. Meanwhile, Ji Sung Hyun enquires with Hong Doo Sik whether Yoon Hye Jin has a boyfriend or not and Hong Doo Sik can barely hide his heartbroken face.

The quaint town is worried as a crazy kidnapper is on the loose as he tries to kidnap Cho Hui, but Hwa Jeong manages to save her.

In episode 8, Nam Sook spreads rumours that Yoon Hye Jin has been hooking up with Hong Doo Sik and Ji Sung Hyun and Mi Seon calls her out for spreading such cheap rumours. Yoon Hye Jin could care less about this and ignores it. In the wake of all this drama, Hong Doo Sik and Ji Sung Hyun eventually end up heading out for food with Yoon Hye Jin. Only, she chooses to sit next to Hong Doo Sik, setting up this love triangle. The two guys continue to bicker about food, the menu and plans for the rest of the day.

Ji Sung Hyun goes around town helping Gongjin's townies with everyday chores, putting Hong Doo Sik's position as Gongjin's handyman on the edge! However, Hong Doo Sik can now barely hide his growing feelings for Yoon Hye Jin as he lovingly stares at her as she fixes her hair. Yoon Hye Jin is pissed at Nam Sook for dissuading her patients to take dental implants and instead recommending some cheap treatment. The two women argue on the street and Hong Dook Sik tries to play peacemaker, taking Yoon Hye Jin's side though!  

Well, as fate would have it Ji Sung Hyun and Yoon Hye Jin end up walking together, thanks in part to Mi Seon pushing them to spend time together. While they do, Hong Doo Sik goes on patrol with Eun Cheol. While rain hammers down, he ends up seeing the pair together and awkwardly leaves. Hong Doo Sik hands over a bag for Yoon Hye Jin, claiming he meant to just throw it away, but it’s actually something to help her herniated disks. Given how long he was out in the rain without an umbrella, he ends up with a pretty nasty cough and cold.

Meanwhile, Yoon Hye Jin notices Nam Sook out with a whole envelope full of cash meeting a shady fellow. Apparently, her consultant is Kim Mi Yeong and this guy is a bank employee. As Hye Jin continues to interrogate the shady man, he suddenly snatches up the money and runs. Ji Sung Hyun and Hong Doo Sik join Yoon Hye Jin in chasing down the shady fellow and earn brownie points with Yoon Hye Jin. Hong Doo Sik gets bruised in the process and Yoon Hye Jin expresses concern.

The next day, Yoon Hye Jin calls Hong Doo Sik to thank him for the herbs he had given to her. He doesn't pick up the phone and she rushes over to see a sick Hong Doo Sik lying in the bed. She treats his wound as he lovingly stares at her, buys tangerines for him and makes some homemade porridge to treat his nasty cold, leaving a big mess in the kitchen and a bigger smile on Hong Doo Sik's face.

Yoon Hye Jin also learns of Nam Sook's tragic past and decides to forgive her, even asks her to come over so that she can check her dental inlays. As day turns to night, Yoon Hye Jin leaves the dental clinic and begins heading home. Only, as she does she ends up down a street with the lights out. Her phone is dead as well. Panicked, she starts to run and is relieved to see Doo Sik standing there. She runs towards and him and throws herself in his warm embrace. Startled, Hong Doo Sik tightens his grip around Yoon Hye Jin, comforting her. As we soon learn, it turns out Hong Doo Sik was actually awake when Yoon Hye Jin tried to kiss him before!

Here are our top 4 swoon-worthy moments from the fourth-weekend telecast!

1. He's so whipped

2. The *almost* kiss

3. Tangerine, porridge and the mess!

4. K-drama fans to 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha'

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When does Hometown ChaChaCha air?
Hometown ChaChaCha starring Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min Ah airs every Friday and Saturday at 9 pm KST (5:30 pm IST).