Hometown ChaChaCha: Ep 9 & 10 RECAP: Our dimpled couple aka 'Shikhye' have finally sailed

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The official poster of 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha'
The official poster of 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha' (Pic credit - tvN drama)

The past weekend's telecast of 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha' was stuff dreams are made of. There was friction, denial, dangerous situations, a frisson of excitement, a sudden realisation and finally a heart-fluttering confession that gave us all the feels! Without further ado, let us dive in, shall we?

Episode 9 begins with Yoon Hye Jin hugging Hong Doo Sik tightly. Hong Doo Sik is surprised by her sudden hug but embraces her tightly. The hug continues until someone suddenly appears and interrupts them. Hong Doo Sik's first instinct is to hold Yoon Hye Jin tightly and be on his guard, but it turns out to be one of the villagers that deliver Yoon Hye Jin’s phone back. The awkwardness sparks between them as the two of them go separate ways. Of course, neither of them can sleep at night as their hearts are fluttering are in excitement.

Hong Doo Sik casually encounters Yoon Hye Jin's father and step-mother at a gas station. Not knowing who they are, he graciously helps them out, whilst being totally casual and friendly with Yoon Hye Jin's father, which rubs him off the wrong way. Back in the town, Yoon Hye Jin can't stop thinking about the previous night. She encounters Ms Cho who casually teases her about being torn between Hong Doo Sik and Ji Sung Hyun. Unbeknownst to her, Yoon Hye Jin's parents overhear everything! Yoon Hye Jin takes them home and is shocked to find Hong Doo Sik repairing her shower cap. Hong Doo Sik finds out that the man he helped earlier was Yoon Hye Jin's father! To salvage this awkward situation he introduces himself as Yoon Hye Jin's boyfriend! Wow!

Hong Doo Sik and Yoon Hye Jin play act as a "couple" and Gongjin's townies partake in this act as well! Ji Sung Hyun also hears about this and rushes to introduce himself as Yoon Hye Jin's college friend and colleague. Unlike Hong Doo Sik, Ji Sung Hyun is charming and respectful. Yoon Hye Jin's parents are impressed with his manners and the fact that he had a steady job, making Hong Doo Sik jealous! However, Hong Doo Sik and Yoon Hye Jin's father bond over orchids and Baduk (Korean traditional chess) together. Yoon Hye Jin's father is softening towards Hong Doo Sik but not enough to give away his daughter to him.

Yoon Hye Jin admires Hong Doo Sik's genial attitude and wholesome personality which allows him to blend with everyone easily. Yoon Hye Jin's father asks Hong Doo Sik about his family and background and he replies saying he had no family and in fact, Gongjin's townies are like his family. Upon hearing it, Yoon Hye Jin's father does not find the situation settling for his daughter’s future. When Hong Doo Sik goes to the bathroom, Yoon Hye Jin's father voices his disapproval for Hong Doo Sik and asks her to break up with him before things get any deeper. Yoon Hye Jin counters by saying that even she is "flawed" with a stepmother in her family.

Hong Doo Sik overhears everything. The two men step out for a smoke and Hong Doo Sik confesses that Yoon Hye Jin is not his girlfriend and that he likes her as a "friend". Yoon Hye Jin's father apologises for his harsh words and wishes that his daughter marries into a big family with a loving husband and where she doesn't feel lonely. Hong Doo Sik wishes for the same. Yoon Hye Jin's father's heart softens towards him and he says that he does think of him as a worthy man for his daughter!

After all the chaotic day, Yoon Hye Jin's parents finally bid goodbye to their daughter. To close their misunderstanding, Yoon Hye Jin's father questions Hong Doo Sik about his informal style of talking. Hong Doo Sik sincerely answers that it is his way to approach people so there’s no gap between them. Yoon Hye Jin's father whispers, “Not to me, b*!” and laughs it off on his way to Seoul. Our Doo Sik is dumbfounded by Yoon Hye Jin's father's unexpected blows. Meanwhile, Ji Sung Hyun is prepping to confess his love to Yoon Hye Jin before it's too late!

In episode 10, Ji Sung Hyun calls Yoon Hye Jin telling her that he needs to tell her something "important" in person. Upon arriving at her house, she is startled by a mysterious man that follows her right into the house. He shuts her up by instantly pointing the knife at her. He is the same perverted man that everyone is looking for. Of course, our knight in shining armour Hong Doo Sik arrives in time. He beats up the pervert. While Hong Doo Sik makes a phone call to the police station, the perverted man unexpectedly throws his knife towards Yoon Hye Jin. Hong Doo Sik fearlessly takes the stab for her. The police arrive and arrest the pervert. Ji Sung Hyun arrives in shock to check upon Yoon Hye Jin and Hong Doo Sik.

After everything is sorted out, Hong Doo Sik receives treatment for his wound. He notices that Yoon Hye Jin’s hand has swollen because of the perverted man’s grip. He starts to nag her about not treating her wound. That’s when Yoon Hye Jin breaks down in tears remembering how he jumped into the knives for her. Hong Doo Sik confesses that he wanted to protect her. Ji Sung Hyun starts realising that he is already too late and starts reminiscing about his past days with Yoon Hye Jin.

Due to her house being under investigation, Yoon Hye Jin accepts Hong Doo Sik’s offer to spend the night at his house. They speak about his grandfather's death anniversary. Hong Doo Sik shares his innermost feelings with Yoon Hye Jin and we get a glimpse into his character, how he blames himself for his grandfather's death. Yoon Hye Jin consoles him saying he shouldn't blame himself. Finally, Hong Doo Sik puts Yoon Hye Jin to sleep by narrating the charming Korean poem "Doorkeeper" which holds true to their current romantic situation.

Yoon Hye Jin buys some food to bring as an offering for Hong Doo Sik's grandfather's memorial service. Even Gongjin's townies bring in food and offerings. Hong Doo Sik is delighted with Yoon Hye Jin's thoughtfulness and confesses that it was his grandfather's favourite food! After all the preparation is done, Yoon Hye Jin excuses herself but Hong Doo Sik intentionally asks her to stay if she wants. Yoon Hye Jin chooses to stay with him and Hong Doo Sik lets her introduce herself to his late grandfather.

Yoon Hye Jin and Hong Doo Sik eat snow crabs together, Yoon Hye Jin peels the crab for Hong Dook Sik and casually confesses that one must have a lot of love in their heart to do something like this. They both realise her statement and stare at each other in awkward silence. Ji Sung Hyun meets Yoon Hye Jin and the two sit down for another round of dinner. Finally, Ji Sung Hyun confesses his love for Yoon Hye Jin who stares at him in disbelief. Ji Sung Hyun tells her to take her time. Yoon Hye Jin is confused because her heart beats for Hong Doo Sik and yet, Ji Sung Hyun was one of her long-time crushes. Yoon Hye Jin and Mi Seon decide to spend a nice weekend in Seoul to break away from this emotional distress.

The next day, while the girls are out of town, Hong Doo Sik applies a window gate lock at Yoon Hye Jin’s room so there are no more bargainers into her house. The girls are enjoying a nice time eating, shopping and having a fun girl's time. However, Yoon Hye Jin can't stop thinking about Hong Doo Sik. Back in Gongjin, Grandma Gamri drills some sense into Hong Doo Sik's head and advises him to confess his love for Yoon Hye Jin before it's too late.

Back in Seoul, the women are seeking shelter against a torrential downpour, when it suddenly hits Yoon Hye Jin that she really loves Hong Doo Sik! "ShikHye" moments start to play on screen and Yoon Hye Jin soaks in the rain and her sudden realisation of love. She wastes no time as she drives back to Gongjin. She finds Hong Doo Sik sitting outside his house and confesses to him that she likes him despite their dissimilar personalities. Yoon Hye Jin tells her that he has grown on her and his charm is so infectious that she can't help but love him. Hong Doo Sik is startled and starts tearing up. Before he can say anything, Yoon Hye Jin gently covers his mouth and replies saying she doesn't expect him to reciprocate his love for her.

Hong Doo Sik removes her hand from his lips and reciprocates her feelings, saying he can't deny his feelings for her anymore. The two share a sweet and loving kiss, making everyone's hearts flutter. That marks the start of a new wave of biological crisis for our dimple couple! We cannot wait to see how this romance will unfold in the next episode!

Here are our top 4 swoon-worthy moments from the fifth-weekend telecast!

1. Start of something new indeed!

2. Breaking gender stereotypes!

3. Words of wisdom by Haelmoni!

4. Shikhye moments we love!

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