Hoshi’s cute surprise: Releases self made song titled Horanghi Power & fans can’t get enough of his cuteness

Published on Jun 24, 2021 09:03 PM IST  |  315.1K
Hoshi's Horanghi Power album cover.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi has a new surprise for CARATs. Lovingly called ‘hamster’, Hoshi made sure to tell fans that he would prefer fans calling him a tiger and not a hamster! CARATs know plenty of instances where Hoshi has tried to prove, rather explicitly, that he is a tiger. Remember the time he flooded a Weverse comment with 25k ‘호랑이’? He took his chaotic energy up a bar by releasing a self-composed song titled 호랑이 Power today! 


In a sudden surprise attack, CARATs were greeted with Hoshi’s soft vocals and fun melody singing, 호랑이 Power. As said by one of the fans, @requlus, the singer says in the lyrics, “Don’t tease me by calling me a hamster. I am not a hamster, I am a tiger.” The song is written by Hoshi, BUMZU and Glenn, and it’s composed by the former two. Since the release, a majority of the fans are replying with 호랑이 and a tiger emoji. As if to make fans catch a breath, he uploaded two photos of him around one and a half hour later, expressing his emotion in the captions. 


Check out Hoshi’s 호랑이 Power here: 



And here’s the photos that Hoshi uploaded: 



Hoshi being called a hamster goes way back to the start. Unarguably the most chaotic and unafraid member of SEVENTEEN, fans love his duality. He has fought with fans both on fancafe and Weverse about the ‘tiger’ or ‘hamster’ preference, making them fall in love with him even more. 


Check out some fan reactions below: 





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How did you like Hoshi’s 호랑이 Power? Tell us what will you call him by dropping the emojis in the comments below!

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