Hospital Playlist 2 Finale: Check out the happy, sad and angry reactions of the diehard fans

Updated on Oct 10, 2021 12:50 PM IST  |  116.6K
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'Hospital Playlist' is one of those rare dramas that doesn't rush itself to make an impact on its viewers, it will linger around most of the time, leaving sweet footprints of love, friendship, comfort, wholesomeness and sometimes even a good cry! The charming, slice of life drama called curtains on September 16, officially coming to an end, after almost 2 years and 24 episodes.


Person 1:

The last episode was somewhat satisfactory. There were brief moments of triumph, some bitter-sweet and some left on a cliff-hanger. I enjoyed the friendship our 5 protagonists share and the genial camaraderie shared by Yulje's doctors, nurses and medical staff. There is so much life and soul fused into every frame, every beat of the series, that one can't help but feel the same. The music is top-notch and I always looked forward to the band's musical nights. I'm actually glad that the show has come to an end and aren't forcing themselves for a season 3 just for the sake of it. It is better to end the drama on a good note than stretch it unnecessarily. 'Hospital Playlist' is like a visual book, one chapter, one episode and one moment and one feeling is all that it needs and all that you need.

Person 2:
‘Hospital Playlist’ has brought immense amounts of joy into the lives of all the watchers, whether it is through the friendship shared within the main cast or the slow burn of relationships- the drama teaches it all. The finale for ‘Hospital Playlist 2’ was emotional, to say the least as we say our goodbyes to the characters that gave us comfort during the lows and added to our happiness during our highs. We finally saw two relationships bloom completely but sadly had to say goodbye to that as well. This drama will always remain one of the most realistic and comforting dramas. What else can we expect from the creators of the ‘Prison Playbook’ and ‘Reply’ series?

Person 3:
Though the drama has ended after 2 successful seasons, I am left with a lingering feeling. Why did Lee Ikjun and Chae Seonghwa end up as a couple? Though love interests in doctors’ lives are rare and precious as shown by Kim Junwan’s character, the whole dynamic of the friends is set off by the two characters’ feelings that keep brooding throughout the 2 seasons. While rumours about the difficulty of a third season are rife, the drama leaves you wondering if Yang Seok Hyung’s mother will accept his unexpected relationship with Chu Min Ha. Was it the last band practice for Gongnyong Ridge? Will Ahn Jeongwon and Jang Gyeoul marry each other? What happens with the twins? The season finale has left me with more questions than answers or maybe it's my heart tricking me into hoping for another season, who knows.


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