‘Hospital Playlist 2’ reveals an astounding surprise in store for the awaited finale

Published on Sep 12, 2021 01:29 PM IST  |  95K
Hospital Playlist 2 poster; Picture Courtesy: tvN Entertainment

Hospital Playlist 2’ production revealed that the finale will be 2 hours and 40 minutes long whereas a normal episode is usually 1 hour and 30 minutes long which got the fans curious as to what the writers and cast have in store for us! The latest episode, which came two weeks after the previous episode, was proven to be worth the wait as they brought a satisfying end to the long and drawn out relationships between Lee Ik Jun and Song Hwa as well as Min Ah and Yang Seok Hyeong. 

‘Hospital Playlist’ is a series that follows five doctors who have been friends since they entered medical school in 1999. The five friends- Lee Ik Jun, Chae Song Hwa, Kim Jun Wan, Ahn Jeong Won and Yang Seok Hyeong- have an unbreakable bond that gives them peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a doctor’s life. Each character from the main as well as the supporting cast has been crafted with extreme care and conscience and the medical terms have been accurately displayed. The seasonal drama has made a place in the hearts of K-drama lovers and forever changed the outlook on medical dramas as a whole. 

Announced on August 24th, the tvN 'Hospital Playlist 2' series Jo Jung Suk, Jung Kyung ho, Jeon Mi do, Yoo Yeon seok, and Kim Dae myung will start filming a new variety show somewhere in Gangwon-do on September 6. Na PD is in charge of directing the show. Previously, 'Hospital Playlist Camping' was shown on the YouTube channel Fifteen Nights. The free-spirited and raw image of these so-called '99s' was captured at the campsite and received a lot of love for their unexpected laughter. 

The title has not been decided, but the concept of this entertainment is different from the previous one. Actors who have gone through a 'wise doctor's life' by gathering in a specific place, not camping, will come in and out and serve as guests. Among the actors who shined in season 1 and season 2, we are looking forward to seeing who will attend. The filming schedule is to shoot for five days in the second week of September and proceed again the following week. It is not a short period of two weeks in total.

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