Hospital Playlist, Itaewon Class & more: What makes these 5 KDramas give us incredible squad goals?

Today, we're listing our top 5 KDramas that give us friendship goals. Check out whether your favourite drama made the list or not!
Hospital Playlist, itaewon Class among our list of top friendship KDramas Hospital Playlist, itaewon Class & more: What makes these 5 KDramas give us incredible squad goals?
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Friendship - one of the greatest treasures of life. And yet, only seldom does it happen that we get to see movies and dramas that depict these connections as purely and as vividly as they come. Take a look inside the Bollywood industry, when we say friendship movies, we only remember a couple of them that made their mark - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Rang De Basanti, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, Kai Po Che and maybe, the moments between Jay and Veeru in Sholay too. 


We can probably list these down on our fingers. But when it comes to the home of unique shows, South Korea, you can’t really. While we’re all stuck at home, trying to find the right time for a watch-party where all our friends are free or video calling the squad every alternate night (or once a week) because we miss them so much, there’s something pure about the connection we and our friends have. From missing calls to taking some me-time, from hyping up a friend for a new job to consoling a friend who isn’t getting one, from doing college projects together to cheating together - friends might be the only thing that is making our lockdown life better. 


So today, we’re taking you on a journey to recommend you 5 wholesome KDramas that showcase a friendship like no other - but at the same time, a friendship that you and I, both yearn for (and have too). 


Hospital Playlist



Starting off this series, is my favourite show, Hospital Playlist. One of the most popular dramas in 2020, each episode of this show was like a tribute to friendship. It didn’t matter if you stayed in touch with your high school friends or not, but it did give major feels to the office-going fans. Fans who had great friends at their workplaces and now had to work from home. From meeting each other in the hallway to eating lunch together, one pair always being by each other’s side, leaving for home together, cracking jokes, dropping by each other’s cabin and most of all, just being there with each other - Hospital Playlist made us realise how cool it can be when you have friends at your workplace! 


Key lovable factor: Friendship and individual lives take more prominence than romance as they’re all in their early to mid-30s and have serious life issues to take care of. In all, portraying a much more realistic depiction of friendship.


Itaewon Class



How can someone miss the Danbam squad? The greatest takeaway from this show is that friends, just like love (or french fries, if you must) come in all shapes, sizes, race, gender, and every social construct the society has built. Another takeaway? Once a part of the squad, ALWAYS a part of the squad. It’s incredible how each character grows with time and learns to accept each other more wholeheartedly, never for a minute wearing a mask in front of each other. 


Key lovable factor: They grow each other and grow with each other too. Plus, this would be your cup of tea if you want something that focuses more on friendship and ambition than romance. 


Fight for My Way



Thanks to the many KDramas we’ve watched, we know that at least in the fictional world, many childhood or school friends tend to stay together. Which definitely is great. So is the case with the Fantastic Four squad in Fight For My Way. It’s a group that has a secret place for themselves, knows how to have fun with each other and showcase a really nice bonding between friends. It goes a bit into girls-and-boys-can’t-be-friends category, but the adorable friendship and level of comfort these four people have, makes it worth it. 


Key lovable factor: Even though the society tries its best to bring them down, they always encourage each other to follow what they love.  


Reply 1988 



Any list including KDrama friendships is incomplete without mentioning this show. A clear representation of the good, old and true friendships, ‘Reply 1988’ is like a warm hug to the soul. The story expresses nostalgia, love, hilarity, rivalry and growth that each friendship contains. The plot revolves around five friends and their families living in the same neighbourhood and how their lives tangle with each other. 


Key lovable factor: The nostalgia is so good and potent, it slaps you in the face. In a good way though. Being a teenager, having the time of their lives with no stress about work and life, this will remind you about the golden days. To sum it up: WE STAN REPLY 1988.


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo



The only trio in our list to feature girl power, this show is splendid to say the absolute least. A show with two different but nicely blended themes, the character progression of Bok Joo and the friendship progression of the girl gang, Bok Joo, Nan Hee and Seon Ok makes your heart melt. It shows the undying loyalty that true friendships always possess. How they remain at each others’ side even after many difficulties and how they grow together into wonderful human beings. 


Key lovable factor: Their in-sync movements during dinner and the popular catchphrase, ‘Swegg!’ - reminding us that we have at least one weird word that is unique to our squad too!


Missing your group of friends? We already are! Gather them together and start a watch party with any of our recommendations, then! 


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Which KDrama squad reminds you of your gang? Let us know in the comments below!