Hostages Season 2 Ep 1 and 2 Review: Ronit Roy & Divya Dutta's series is thrill seeking action from the get go

Ronit Roy's restrained performance and Divya Dutta's crackling negotiator act strikes the right balance to the intriguing hostage crisis situation in Hostages Season 2. Ep 1 and 2 set a fast pace giving the audience a thrill-seeking ride from the get-go. Read Pinkvilla's full review below.
Hostages Season 2 Ep 1 and 2 Review: Ronit Roy & Divya Dutta's series is thrill seeking action from the get goHostages Season 2 Ep 1 and 2 Review: Ronit Roy & Divya Dutta's series is thrill seeking action from the get go
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Hostages Season 2:

Hostages Season 2 Cast: Ronit Roy, Divya Dutta, Aashim Gulati

Hostages Season 2 Director: Sudhir Mishra

As a part of my first impressions review for Hostages Season 2, it was Ep 2 in particular that took me back to Money Heist given the similar setting. While Season 1 too saw a hostage crisis with Dr. Mira (Tisca Chopra) caught in the crossfire, this time the tables have been turned on former Superintendent of Police Prithvi (Ronit Roy). who is being surrounded by cops, the anti-terrorism squad and media in a beat-down mansion. Oh, there's also the fact that he's in a race against time as his wife Saba (Shriswara Dubey) needs an immediate bone marrow transplant.

Imagine if The Professor was actually inside the bank rather than operating from the sidelines. That's basically how Hostages Season 2 begins. To give you a quick recap of Season 1, we find out that CM Handa (Dalip Tahil) is still alive while presumed to have been dead. This is because Prithvi plans to use his bone marrow for his wife's transplant. Season 2 kickstart with Prithvi and Co. making their way to Delhi only for the CM's head of security Subramanian (Mohan Kapur) to trail them as the latter uncovers the truth. When Handa tries to escape, Prithvi is able to get a hold of him but the problem arises with Saba's deteriorating health which forces them to seek refuge at Purani Kothi.

When Subramaniam and the local police try to intervene, it leads to a clash which eventually culminates in a hostage situation with the outside world having no clue as to who is inside the abandoned house, giving Prithvi some leeway. Enter Ayesha Khan, a masterful hostage negotiator who is brought in to diffuse the situation without any casualty. We also have Kanwaljit Singh and Sachin Khurana as the Head of the Police Force and Prithvi's replacement officer who butt heads with Ayesha and want to use force instead of intellect.

Without any fillers, Hostages Season 2 is extremely fast-paced from the get-go and leaves you at the edge of your seat; something that is expected from a hostage thriller. Right from the crisp production value of the broken down house to the clever cinematography giving us a stylised yet realistic viewpoint, Hostages is more technically sound than its predecessor. However, those gunshots could have been a tad less caricaturish!

When it comes to the performances, Ronit Roy takes over yet again with his restrained performance as you see all the raw emotions even through the coldest of stares. As expected, Divya Dutta plays the crackling negotiator act to a t and in just one episode, steals the spotlight. The supporting characters especially Shriswara and Aashim Gulati, who plays Saba's brother are given more screen space and thought process this time around.

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While Dino Morea is yet to be introduced amongst the main villains, we get the stunning Shibani Dandekar as the ruthless corporate big wig Isha Andrews, whose opening 'bloody' shots show just how cruel her intentions are.

Hostages Season 2 works heavily on its performances while the storyline is set at a curious pace where it's going to be a guessing game for the audience right until the end. As far as first impressions go, judging by Ep 1 and 2, we're set for an anxiety-driven crisis ride that will make you feel like one of the hostages. And, that's the thrill-seeking part!

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