Hot Sauce MV: NCT Dream makes a fiery OT7 comeback in a hip, Latino style summer song

NCT Dream sets temperatures rising with a hot and blazing summer comeback. Watch the video below.
NCT Dream posing for the concept photos of Hot Sauce NCT Dream posing for the concept photos of Hot Sauce (Pic Credit - SM Entertainment).
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We are officially blessed with our first summer bop and it is NCT Dream's latest comeback song Hot Sauce, that has us grooving. NCT Dream finally made their much-awaited OT7 comeback with Hot Sauce. Hot Sauce is the group's first full-length album and their first comeback in nearly five years. It is also a double whammy as Mark Lee, who had previously graduated from the group due to the rotation policy, rejoined his bandmates in this comeback.

We are sure you are aware of the popular 'He understood the assignment' memes doing the rounds on social media? Well, we can declare that NCT Dream not only understood the assignment well, but they also turned it around its head and aced it like a pro! Hot Sauce is a fiery, spicy and vibrant hip-hop track with a catchy chorus, crazy-good dancing and a very Latino vibe! The music video is colourful, animated and easy on the eyes! Lyrically, it is fun, teasing and feisty, much like the taste of Hot Sauce and it is so nice to see the members having fun while performing the choreography!

You can watch the music video below:

NCT Dream surpassed 1.7 million copies in pre-sales. Currently, they are holding strong at 1,716,571, as of May 9, 2021.  Thus it is likely that the group will hit 2 million copies soon. This is a massive improvement of 243 per cent since their last album in 2020, Reload. Congratulations to NCT!

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