Hotel Del Luna & 18 Again's Lee Do Hyun receives love after his interview on tough family situation resurfaces

Hotel Del Luna and 18 Again star Lee Do Hyun receives love and support after his old interview speaking about his tough family condition resurfaces.
Hotel Del Luna & 18 Again's Lee Do Hyun receives love after his interview on tough family situation resurfaces
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Lee Do Hyun has been winning hearts with his performance in 18 Again. The actor, who also starred in Hotel Del Luna, is climbing the ladder of popularity this year. However, little did many fans know that the actor has been battling several hardships on the personal front. The actor's difficult family circumstances came under the spotlight when one of his old interviews surfaced and caught fans' attention. In an interview with Esquire Korea in 2019, as reported by AllKPop, Lee Do Hyun was asked about his goals for 2020. 

At the time, he said he wants to be the only one working in his family. When he was asked to elaborate, Lee Do Hyun said, "My parents have both worked for a very long time, and my younger brother has a developmental disability. Thankfully, our country has very good programs in place for the disabled, and so he is currently working at a grocery mart. But I think there is still an atmosphere of discrimination and mistreatment of the disabled, even if it may be unconsciously." 

His heartbreaking confession also revealed that his mother has been delivering newspapers for years now. When he asked her to quit, she refused to add that the family is under much debt. He assured her that he would pay it off in 2020. "I mean, I'm not sure if it's possible, but it's just my goal. So I hope that in 2020, my mother, father, and Donghyuk can rest at home, and we can all live off of my earnings. I think that will give me a peace of mind when I enlist too," he said. 



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Elaborating about his brother's condition, Lee Do Hyun said, "Donghyuk has a developmental disability. It's not apparent at first, but if you talk with him for about 10 minutes you can tell. He lacks social skills and his intelligence is about that of a middle schooler. He's overweight, and so people look down on him a lot. So a lot of times I've had to go and tell people that I'm his hyung, not to bully him. But I also find a lot of inspiration from Donghyuk for my acting." 

Following the viral interview, a fan took to Twitter to urge K-drama lovers to watch his show and shower him with support. "So soft for Lee Do Hyun’s dream to help his family get rid of their debt (he has a disabled brother and his mom still delivers newspapers). Please support his latest project “18 Again!” the tweet read. "He deserve nothing but the best in this world," another fan wrote. "I hope he makes it big," a fan prayed. 

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