How I Met Your Father Review: Hilary Duff and Kim Cattrall play well on the nostalgic factor and nothing more

MD: Bland punchlines, overindulging nostalgia and a hyperactive Hilary Duff, How I Met Your Father can quite rightly be summed up as a series trying too hard to live up to its ancestor, How I Met Your Father. Read Pinkvilla's review below.

Updated on Jan 21, 2022 07:31 PM IST  |  662.2K
How I Met Your Father Review
How I Met Your Father was released on Disney+ Hotstar.
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How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Father Cast: Hilary Duff, Christopher Lowell, Francia Raisa, Suraj Sharma

How I Met Your Father Creator: Isaac Aptaker, Elizabeth Berger

How I Met Your Father Streaming Platform: Disney+ Hotstar

How I Met Your Father Stars: 2.5/5

***Spoilers Alert***


'90s kids must have been eagerly waiting for the release of Hulu and Disney+ Hotstar's new series, How I Met Your Father! If the name sounds familiar to the ones who weren't aware of the show, it is rightly a predecessor of CBS' How I Met Your Mother which previously ran for nine successful seasons, until it received heavy criticisms for its finale episode (how can you remove the character everyone waited nine seasons to meet!) Anyway, the show's concept seems to have moved on, and we have the Hilary Duff and Kim Cattrall starrer How I Met Your Father, which is genuinely the same sitcom but with a different cast and set in a completely different timeframe.

This is the 2022 version, when young Sophie (Hilary Duff) is busy finding herself good-looking dates on the well-known application, Tinder. Sophie claims that she has been on 87 dates but fate didn't allow her to meet the man of her dreams yet! She meets an Uber driver named Jesse (Chris Lowell) who seems like the perfect fit to become the 'father', but that hasn't been pondered upon yet. Jesse, the Uber driver is driving with his best friend Sid (Suraj Sharma) who is also about to propose to his girlfriend while pretending to take her to a Beyoncé concert. Sophie wishes to meet Ian (Daniel Augustin) who later confesses that he has to, unfortunately, shift to Australia, thus breaking Sophie's heart and the possibility of her finally settling down with a man, in pieces. Ian has been shown as the best man for Sophie as they take a huge interest in each other! Starting from texting day in, and night to sending one another pictures of people who look like Jason Momoa (yes, kind of creepy!) They make sure to keep each other virtually informed about their lives all day long. However, with Ian's job in Australia, Sophie and he decides to break it off before they could even begin.


By the end of the first episode, Sophie is the one desperately trying to seek love and follows Ian to the airport where they exchange heartbreaking goodbyes. But, this is How I Met Your Father, so we did know that the first guy, in this case, Ian, couldn't be the ultimate father! Sophie and her friends, however, do not lose hope. Thanks to the magic of sitcoms, where things turn out to be absolutely fine, Sophie and her friends walk the Brooklyn Bridge at night with not just Jesse and Sid, but Jesse’s adopted sister Ellen (Tien Tran), who has travelled from Iowa to New York City, simply to date more women; and Sophie’s fashionista roommate Valentine (Francia Raisa) and her (very) handsome British boyfriend Charlie (Tom Ainsley). The Brooklyn bridge serves as the symbolism to how Sophie's choice (the reference here is strong enough!) ultimately turns out fine and she gets to enjoy a beautiful moment with her friends. That's the beauty of sitcoms, don't you agree?

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In a simple twist, which might turn out to be beneficial for the series later, the older Sophie aka Kim Cattrall is visible till the very last minute of the episode. In How I Met Your Mother, it wasn't until the conclusion that we received the privilege to meet Bob Saget, aka the older Ted Mosby. Here, instead of showing the kids in the frame, the makers have decided to put Kim Cattrall in the frame as the narrator, as she happens to be conversing with her son in the year 2050 through a video call while having some fancy wine in her rather stunning, futuristic home. She puts emphasis on every single man in Sophie's life, and narrates the stories in the most detailed way ever, however, the punchlines happen to be thrown at the wrong instances, and almost every joke disappears in the air, making no possible noise. While only two episodes have been released so far, and it would be unfair to judge the entire series based on the pilot and the second episode, one can absolutely hope that the comedy aspect gears up with better jokes and definitely better comic angles.

In my opinion, many characters in the show have been given the touch of some How I Met Your Mother characters. Sid and his girlfriend are not Lily and Marshall in a typical way, but they can be relied on to take up the role of the hosts in the future! Barney Stinson didn't make an appearance in How I Met Your Father, but his character traces can be found in Jesse’s adopted sister Ellen who gets rejected by six women in her first big night out in NYC but has the same smile and spirit nonetheless. That's a Barney thing, right there! Jesse sounds like a 'Ted Mosby,' although it is quite unsure as to how the show is planning to ultimately use the 'sad friend of the group' angle!


How I Met Your Father feels monotonous in the sense that it is something that we have seen before. Fans who have watched HIMYM countless times might find the new series worth the wait, as it evokes a specific feeling of nostalgia and has successfully kept most parts of the old series, including the narration technique, the 'group of friends' aspect, and how one person is in search of someone special through and through, intact. It hasn't quite delved into how the show could be a name of its own, and not lurk around being the ancestor of How I Met Your Mother. While one can hope that How I Met Your Father would come out of its early-2000s-esque comedic delivery aspect, it should also stop pondering over the rather 'cringe' perspective of finding a partner so desperately that you go to 87 Tinder dates in the first place. It's 2022 with a looming pandemic, love yourself first!


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