THIS is how McDonald’s benefitted from its collaboration with BTS

Updated on Jul 29, 2021 04:01 PM IST  |  93.5K
BTS at an event : courtesy of News1

It’s no news that BTS is one of the biggest acts on the planet right now. Similarly, they have also become one of the most sought-after artists to have on board as ambassadors or do a collaboration with. Even with the reports of a hefty fee to sign with the boys, multiple brands have expressed interest and continue to approach them. 


The BTS Meal came into stores from 26 May and continued to be sold until 30 June across 50 countries. A special collaboration merch with BTS’ label HYBE was also launched, resulting in items being sold off within a few minutes of the launch, once again proving the power of the world-class group. 


According to a report by the news agency Reuters, though the world struggled with its finances in the last year because of the pandemic, the fast-food giant made a staggering profit and BTS may have their hand in doing that. Their overall gains crossed the expected target of 39.81 percent rise, by reaching a solid 40.5 percent, in the second quarter of 2021.


After its launch, The BTS Meal, which included fries, nuggets, a soft drink, and 2 dipping sauce flavours that were specifically made like the ones available only in the outlet’s South Korean counterpart, made to the meals of fans and the regular public around the world. The purple-coloured styling that the meal came with, had a special meaning attached to it making the fans treasure it all the more.


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