Hwang Chi Yeul regrets being ‘too late’ in the emotional and harrowing MV for his latest comeback

Published on Sep 12, 2021 07:18 PM IST  |  55.6K
Hwang Chi Yeul concept photos; Picture Courtesy: Hwang Chi Yeul

On September 11, the soulful ballad artist, Hwang Chi Yeul, returned with the single ‘Too Late’ after 5 years. The new song ‘Too Late' is a ballad song that unleashes the emotions of a person who feels that parting is near, a lyrical melody that expresses the desire to be together and hold onto the other person who seems to say that it is the end at any moment. 

After the calmly speaking intro, Hwang Chi Yeul's mournful but calm voice and guitar and string melody doubled the vagueness, and frank lyrics were added to further elevate the emotion. Hwang Chi Yeul, who comes back after 5 months since the mini-album 'Be My Reason' released in April, is a farewell song with a unique husky tone, mournful vocals, and upgraded farewell sensibility. It is expected to seriously stimulate consensus. In addition, Hwang Chi Yeul appeared in the music video for the new song 'I thought it was the end', which was released along with the sound source, and transformed into the male lead who was about to break up.

This shooting, which was conducted in Jeju Island, maximized the lonely mood by harmonizing the dazzling scenery of Jeju Island in autumn along with his mature visuals, and sweet melody. He released 'Everyday Song' as well as 'Goodbye', 'I want to bring it back', 'Star, You', 'You are stuck in me', and 'Walking farewell', etc. , participated in the OST of many popular dramas, and boasted the appearance of a 'trustworthy and listenable' luxury vocalist.

In addition, Hwang Chi Yeul recorded high album sales and top domestic and international charts for each album, even among idol groups that dominate the music industry and solo artists of various genres. 

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