HYBE responds to Miyawaki Sakura being reportedly guarded by BTS’ security team on arrival in South Korea

Published on Aug 27, 2021 08:12 PM IST  |  340.2K
Miyawaki Sakura’s arrival at Incheon International airport: Courtesy News1
Miyawaki Sakura’s arrival at Incheon International airport: Courtesy News1

Miyawaki Sakura arrived in South Korea via the Incheon International airport on August 27 at 7 PM KST and created a buzz immediately after her arrival as the Japanese singer, actress and model was reportedly escorted by HYBE’s security team which is otherwise in charge of guarding BTS


Addressing the rumours, HYBE Labels released an official statement to OSEN. However, this statement further intensified doubts as it neither denied nor accepted the issue in question. 


HYBE Labels, in its official statement said- “We are unable to confirm anything about Miyawaki Sakura’s arrival in South Korea and the BTS security team”.


Reportedly, HYBE Labels has been trying to make Miyawaki Sakura join the company so that she can lead the agency’s upcoming girl group alongside IZ*ONE’s Kim Chaewon, who is rumoured to have signed a contract with Source Music after the disbandment of IZ*ONE.


Prior to this as well, there have been several reports about Miyawaki Sakura joining HYBE Labels and fans are only waiting for the agency to officially confirm the news.


Japanese media outlet Wow Korea also informed Newsen about the singer signing a contract with the company to which, one of Miyawaki Sakura’s representatives confirmed by saying, “Miyawaki Sakura signed a contract with HYBE Labels and will depart from Japan and head to Korea in August”.


Miyawaki Sakura first debuted in 2012 as a member of the first generation Japanese idol girl group HKT48 and then in Japanese-Korean girl group IZ*ONE. Apart from being an idol, she has also been a part of various television shows like ‘Tofu Pro Wrestling’, ‘Crow’s Blood’ and ‘Everyone’s Kitchen’ as well as movies including ‘Diner’, ‘Documentary of HKT48’ and ‘Behind The Lips’.


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