HYBE’s museum HYBE INSIGHT grand launch date announced; here’s what you can expect from it

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HYBE’s museum HYBE INSIGHT grand launch date announced; here’s what you can expect from it

HYBE’s positioning as ‘We Believe In Music’ shines through with their conviction of creating new pathways for their artists, ramping up production levels, earning them a seat at the table of the global music industry - especially with the recent acquisition of Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings. The new headquarters is a 19-storey building in Yongsan, Seoul with seven more floors underground. 


Two floors in the basement were already reported to be an open museum. Today, HYBE revealed HYBE INSIGHT, the museum and it’s grand opening date via Sports Chosun. The gates to the cultural museum will be opened on May 14 to greet the fans and audience who wholeheartedly support music, as it’s HYBE’s way of celebrating and commemorating their artists, their music and their fans. 


Here’s all you need to know about HYBE INSIGHT: 




There will be various corners and sections dedicated to each artist, and will include several exhibitions that convey their mission of ‘We Believe In Music’. It’s going to be an incredible experience for the fans as, according to HYBE, it will offer “a  holistic, stimulating experience consisting of sound, movement, and story within temporal and spatial restrictions through the music it creates.” It will help make fans “enjoy music with a wider sense and density”.


To help them navigate through the building easier, and to give them a deeper music experience, visitors can choose an artist docent, albeit audibly, who will take them through a proper tour. These docents will be the leaders of each band HYBE represents - RM from BTS, Soobin from TXT, S.Coups from SEVENTEEN, JR from NU’EST, Sowon from GFRIEND and Jungwon from ENHYPEN. 


Museum Shops 


There are also going to be shops with stunning souvenirs and products! There will be a wide range of products to choose from, that will help fans cherish and reminisce the memory of being at HYBE INSIGHT, a step closer to their artists. These feature pins, posters or magazines, tote bags and many other things that will be curated by them. 




Upcycling Lab will feature products such as clothes and accessories worn by the HYBE artists themselves, which will be upcycled by their designers and open to the public. 


How to make a reservation and operating hours


Even though HYBE INSIGHT opens its door on May 14, the reservations start from today, April 26. Visitors can make a reservation only through a Weverse account, as it is compulsory to log in the official website to purchase a ticket and the only account that can be used, is the Weverse account. 


A general ticket costs KRW 22,000 (USD 20) whereas a Photo ticket in addition to the general ticket costs KRW 25,000 (USD 23).


The museum will be open from 11 AM to 9:30 PM, with last entry at 6:55 PM, on all public holidays. It will only be closed on Mondays. 


The session is limited to 2 hours and will be divided in two teams for a comfortable viewing experience. Only a limited number of guests will be allowed to enter the museum at a given time, because of the pandemic. 


In other news, TXT has finally confirmed their comeback plans in the end of May and today marks the comeback of ENHYPEN’s second album too!


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Even though many Indian K-Pop fans can’t visit HYBE INSIGHT, how excited are you to see all the incredible photos that people will put on it’s launch day? 


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