HYBE's latest boy band ENHYPEN tops music charts worldwide with BORDER: CARNIVAL

K-Pop rookies ENHYPEN prove to be the leaders of 4th generation with latest comeback "BORDER: CARNIVAL" topping iTunes album charts in 26 countries
ENHYPEN at the press conference of Border: Carnival's comeback showcase ENHYPEN at the press conference of Border: Carnival's comeback showcase via News1
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ENHYPEN, formed by HYBE Corporation's Belift Lab, in collaboration with CJ ENM, recently received a new title, The Best 4th Generation Boy Band. This glory was successfully obtained by ENHYPEN after the boy band managed to dominate the iTunes album charts in 26 different countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Russia, India and the Philippines. This brilliant achievement was made by ENHYPEN just a day after their second mini album, their first ever comeback, entitled BORDER: CARNIVAL was released.

The title track Drunk-Dazed has also ranked #1 on iTunes top song charts in 14 countries, showing the popularity of ENHYPEN in many countries around the world. The song captures the feeling of a carnival, in keeping with the album’s title. The addition of rock elements lends it a different texture than most boy group tracks.

The septet, having joined HYBE's growing artist portfolio, cited the K-pop superstar group BTS as their role model. Jungwon, the leader of the group, expressed his gratitude in particular to the leader of BTS, RM. The K-Pop superstar's words, "leaders should support other members rather than leading them to the front," inspired him to be a good leader for his group. Jungwon himself is already showing incredible abilities as the leader of ENHYPEN and that is evident from the amazing sync that the members are in as well as their teamwork.

ENHYPEN is growing to be a force to be reckoned with and their swift success will always be marked in the history books of K-Pop.

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