HyunA and DAWN's collab song 'PING PONG' music video achieves THIS incredible feat on YouTube

Updated on Sep 19, 2021 01:04 PM IST  |  129.5K
HyunA and DAWN pose for the concept photo of 'PING PONG'
HyunA and DAWN pose for the concept photo of 'PING PONG' (Pic credit - P NATION)

It is celebration time for HyunA and DAWN fans! On September 18 KST,  HyunA and DAWN's 'PING PONG' music video has officially surpassed 10 million views on YouTube. 'PING PONG' is the title track of the duo's first collaborative EP '1+1=1', and is a moombahton dance track. It expresses the experience of a couple who fell in love in a vibrant, energetic way. 

The moombahton dance track is co-composed by DAWN, HyunA, Yoo Gun Hyung, Kwon Philip, and SPACE ONE. The lyrics for ‘PING PONG’ were penned by the couple themselves. Apart from the title track, ‘1+1=1’ has three other songs namely ‘XOXO’, ‘I Know’ and ‘Deep Dive’. HyunA and DAWN have actively worked in the composition and lyricism for all 4 tracks on the mini-album.

HyunA and DAWN, a real-life couple, left CUBE Entertainment and joined PSY's P NATION. Both the artists participated in writing the lyrics and composing the music for 'PING PONG', vividly showing their musical colours as artists. The video is a collection of the two artists’ unique styles, displayed through vibrant decor and distinct outfits. In addition to that, the catchy couple dance break caught the eye of global fans, and the "PING PONG challenge" became viral on social media. Fans showed great enthusiasm for the challenge and showcased their amazing dance moves in the viral dance challenge.

Meanwhile, the talented couple made an appearance on the September 18 broadcast of tvN's 'Amazing Saturday- Doremi Market'. HyunA and DAWN shared what was it like to collaborate on this album, their work process and interesting trivia about each other. DAWN revealed that he doesn't really enjoy eating food and doesn't watch mukbang videos either! HyunA remarked that she doesn't really want to eat with him eliciting a chuckle from the show's hosts. 

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