HyunA pens a heartfelt and concerning post; CONFIRMED to join hands with DAWN on THIS date

Published on Aug 16, 2021 12:29 PM IST  |  82.2K
HyunA and DAWN; Picture Courtesy: News1

On August 16, HyunA posted an unexpected post, sharing a story regarding the mishaps during her and DAWN’s shoot. She first thanked everyone who were present at the shooting and apologised for making them worry. She went on to say that an ambulance was present at her MV shooting for the first time and blames herself for not taking care of her body.

She started with, “"Thank you to many people who were with us for those many hours on 11th and 14th." She continued, “I collapsed several times throughout the day, so for the first time, an ambulance was on the set of the music video. I was dancing happily, but I fell down again, and I was very upset because my body didn't follow me 100% while I was preparing. I think it was my fault for not taking care of my body earlier.” The post was accompanied by two videos. The first one showed HyunA and DAWN in a colourful set, wearing bright outfits and surrounded by talented dancers. The second one had a more sensuous feel to it with dimmed red lights, shadows as well as HyunA and DAWN’s close proximity which really showed off their chemistry.



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The post also confirmed the much awaited collaboration by one of the most famous K-Pop couples and soon after some media reports confirmed that they are set to debut as a duo on September 9th and we cannot wait to see the unique track and MV from the artists who created a completely new sound with their solo. This marks as a first for the K-Pop industry where the public couple are coming as a duo and that is a huge feat. They have been breaking norms and traditions for the last 6 years as a couple and it will be refreshing to see them on stage as a duo! 

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