If you want to survive, keep moving!: Shark: The Beginning releases official posters

Published on Jun 12, 2021 02:04 PM IST  |  582.5K
The official poster of Shark: The Beginning
The official poster of Shark: The Beginning, courtesy of TVING

Shark: The Beginning (hereby "Shark"), which is about to be released on June 17, has drawn even more attention by releasing a special poster that shows the tension between the characters and the narrative. The released poster catches the eye by showing the appearance of three characters looking at each other with wretched eyes.

First, the bullying victim Cha Woo Sol (Kim Min Seok), who is trying to get stronger to survive, captures the viewers at once with the line "I don't want to run away anymore", adding to the desperate feeling of wanting to break through this while being afraid.

Mentor Jeong Do Hyeon (Wi Ha Joon) is a former mixed martial arts champion. His gaze and the line "If you want to survive, keep moving!" raise curiosity about what kind of help he will give to Cha Woo Sol, who leads the change.

Lastly, the cool eyes that seem to pop out of the screen and the line "Shall we go all the way?" allude to the ruthless appearance of Bae Seok Chan (Jung Won Chang), Cha Woo Sol's bully, creating tension.

Shark, is expected to be a story about school violence, a social problem that young people are experience all across the world. It is an unpredictable story surrounding the three main characters, sharply digging into the dark reality of our society. It foreshadows the growth of Cha Woo Sol, who does not stop but advances to break his limits.

Shark: The Beginning is a film adaptation of a webtoon of the same name, which captivated 1.5 million subscribers and became a KakaoPage's Million Page webtoon, where a bullying victim imprisoned in a juvenile prison in an unexpected accident meets a mixed martial arts champion and breaks his own limits one by one. It is a work dealing with realistic survival action. The movie directed by Chae Yeo Joon, who is known for Justice High, and is set to premiere on June 17 via TVING.

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