iKON's iconic Love Scenario becomes the group's first MV to hit 500 million views on YouTube

iKON’s Love Scenario music video has hit a new milestone on YouTube! Read on to find out.
Love Scenario hits 500 million views on YouTube Love Scenario hits 500 million views on YouTube (Pic credit - YG Entertainment)
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The Love Scenario that we made/ Now the lights are off/ When you flip the last page/ The curtains will quietly fall - yes these are some of the lines from iKON's iconic track, Love Scenario. It is a beautiful and sentimental pop song that is part of the group's 2018 album Return. The track is said to have been inspired by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's film La La Land and its heart-crushing ending. The song is a favourite amongst K-pop fans, irrespective of which fandom you belong to.

Today on May 24, approximately 3 years and 4 months later the music video surpassed 500 million views at approximately 12:20 p.m. KST. Love Scenario is now iKON’s first music video to achieve the feat. Although the video was released three years ago, the views for the video have continued to rise rapidly. It was also reported that they reached the 500 million views milestone 50 days faster than the 400 million view milestone. This may be in part due to iKON's current appearance on Mnet's boy band competition program Kingdom Legendary War. Meanwhile, YG Entertainment is celebrating the new Love Scenario milestone with a commemorative image.

You can check out the image below:

In the previous episode of Kingdom: Legendary War with adherence to the show's rules, competing groups were allowed 'No Limit', which meant that the groups were free to choose any song to perform and can even bring in any featuring artists if they wanted to. iKON performed an amazing rendition of BLACKPINK's Pretty Savage and even had queen Lisa feature in their performance, elevating it to legendary status. Congratulations to iKON and fans.

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