Intention, impact and more: 5 Reasons why BTS deserve to win at the Grammys

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Intention, impact and more: 5 Reasons why BTS deserve to win at the Grammys

The world's biggest musical act, BTS have been nominated for a Grammy for the first time in a major musical category, Best Pop Duo/Group performance and on March 15, 2021, the world will finally know whether this incredibly deserving group won their highly anticipated Grammy Award. For any and all musicians or artists in the music industry, the Grammy Award is a chimera that they pine for and dedicate their entires lives to. While the Grammys, in recent days, have lost relevance owing to multiple allegations of snubbing deserving artists in favour of others based on no clear principle, the legacy it still holds is unbeatable. Regardless of biased judgement or perhaps rigged results, as fans often believe the Grammys are embroiled in, it is still a dream, a goal that all musicians have from the day they enter into the world of music. 

BTS is no different. While the group's worth is not in any way, based on validation from the Grammys, it is still an important milestone in their musical careers. While it did take an entirely English language track for this seemingly global platform to acknowledge BTS in a major musical category, it is a significant development nonetheless.

Here are 5 reasons why we think BTS deserves to win the Grammy Award:

1. BTS makes music for a cause. Their art is directed towards a global good and has indeed worked wonders for millions of people who owe the happiness in their life to BTS. Self-love, mental health, systemic oppression, are all themes that BTS has delved in through their music and it is high time that this is acknowledged. 

2. Dynamite brought a whole lot of light, love, and laughter into the world at the time of its release and as such, not only is it sonically brilliant but the intention behind the song is noble and worthy of praise in and of itself.

3. Dynamite features an inimitable blend of genres, from retro to disco-pop and hip-hop, all the while retaining the classic K-Pop feel. It is a musical masterpiece to say the least.

4. The category BTS is nominated for is Best Pop Duo/Group Performance which implies that a heavy portion of the criterion is performative excellence. BTS have been globally hailed as some of the best performers both live and otherwise and as such, have no competition when it comes to performance. 

5. When it comes to global impact, BTS' Dynamite dominated charts and trends worldwide while also relaying a message of hope. This is the peak of achievement when it comes to how well a song has performed. 

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5 reasons are not nearly all the reasons why BTS deserves to win the Grammy they're nominated for so leave your own reasons in the comments section down below!