DDLJ Special: 'I would love to see the DDLJ sequel' - Pooja Ruparel

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Hindi Cinema's one of the most loved films, 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' (DDLJ), which is considered to be an ode to love by millions, completes 20 years today, and just like us, people associated with the film had never thought that the film will reach this landmark. Best remembered for its story, romance, songs and the iconic lead pair, 'DDLJ' has truly positioned itself in the cult classic category. To mark its celebration, we got in touch with some of the primary cast members, who shared their experience of working in the film.

Pooja Ruparel aka Chutki, who played Kajol's younger sister in the film, talks to us about working with Shah Rukh and Kajol and shares some of her best memories during the shoot. Read on....

'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' has completed 20 years. How do you feel?

It is a surreal feeling. It is one of the things you never see coming...a historic moment indeed. It is impossible for anyone to foresee that this film that we made 20 years back will become so big.

How did the film come your way?

I had done ‘King Uncle’. YRF got in touch with Filmkraft, which is owned by Rakesh Roshan, who got in touch with me. It was that simple. I got into the film because acting was my hobby. I did the first film and then went back to schooling. But when YRF called and we couldn't refuse. I went for the audition and we did a photoshoot with Kajol and the next thing I knew was that I was doing costume shopping with Pamela Chopra aunty and my mum. There were not many people auditioning, at least to my knowledge.

You worked with Shah Rukh Khan in ‘King Uncle’ as well as ‘DDLJ’. What kind of equation do you share with him?

Years after DDLJ, we did a commercial and I think he is the SRK because pre-DDLJ or post-DDLJ, he is still the same. Very warm, grounded, wonderful and that is the true trait of a star. He is someone, who is unfretted by the circus around him. I didn't have much equation with Kajol. I knew SRK from our previous film and hence we had a better equation.

And how was your rapport with Amrish Puri, Farida Jalal and Satish Shah?

Farida ji is mother incarnated. She is warm, lovely, cheerful and fabulous person you will come across. Satish ji was the most humorous person on the sets. He cracked me up and would make me cry with his humour. Amrishji was amazing. I miss him. He was anti-mogambo. Pam Aunty used to make her jackets so all of us had one big party.

Any moment from the shoot of the film that has stayed with you?

The stuff that happened off screen has stayed with me. Like the climax scene that we shot was actually in Panvel and not Punjab. So we all used to stay in a hotel there and in the evening we played Tabboo and Articulate. That was the fun part of the shoot.

How many times have you watched DDLJ?

Say about four times. I am critical of my own self. For me it is like my childhood flashed on National screen (laughs).

Do you agree that DDLJ shaped your identity in Bollywood?

Definitely, generations of children grew up on these movies. Be it ‘King Uncle’, ‘DDLJ’, or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai... I can't remember a fourth film that kids can watch. It feels quite crazy to be part of collective recollection. This is one film like ‘Sholay’ which is timeless.

Is there any reunion happening to celebrate the big occasion?

I highly doubt it will happen but if there is one I would want to be there. As much as the past deserves to be celebrated, the future needs to be planned. I want to make the most of this platform and want to continue doing more work.

With 'King Uncle' and 'DDLJ' becoming hits, how did life change for you?

Life didn't change much. My family has always taught me to stay grounded. Personally at home nothing changed. I was still expected to study hard and be well behaved. I didn't get access to money just because the film was a hit. I was very much normal. There was a dramatic change after ‘King Uncle’ and ‘DDLJ’. I couldn't eat in the same lunch room. People would throng my table. It was a cumulative effect. In that direction, yes it had changed. People would want to be friends with me because I was a star or else they hated me and thought I was a bitch because I was a star! Also there were letters written in blood with 13 year olds wanting to grow up and marry me (laughs).

What are you currently working on?

I was part of ‘24’ with Anil Kapoor. I have been doing theatre. I have completed my Masters in Industrial Psychology. I am also planning to explore my stand up comic talent. So there are bunch of stuff happening. A movie called 'X' with Rajat Kapoor is travelling the circuits. It shall release soon. It opened the New York South Asia film festival.

Anything in the pipeline with YRF?

I am waiting for YRF to call up soon and that is precisely why I haven't changed my number (laughs).

Would you like to see the remake of 'DDLJ' since many films these days are being remade?

It should never be remade. But I would love to see a sequel to ‘DDLJ’ where Chutki has grown up. It would make an interesting story to see love and relationships through the eyes of the characters established by the movie


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King uncle was Jackie shroff, not srk!!!

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