EXCLUSIVE: When I Signed Quantico, I Told Them I'm used to my Face on Poster & I Won't Settle for Less - Priyanka Chopra

She is passionate. She is sexy. She is an actor, singer, producer, or let me put it as 'multi hyphenated' as she is often referred to. I am talking about the oh-so-hot Priyanka Chopra. The actress is in India for few days and has been running against time to wrap up her commitments before she flies down to US for the next six months. Her choc-a-block schedule refuses to let her breathe and she is constantly on the run to get done with her work! I meet her on another such day, when Ms. Chopra is shooting for something at a venue in the burbs of Mumbai.
It is a gloomy day, but Priyanka is unaffected. Her lovely smile and the never-ending enthusiasm will stun you. Amidst the preparation for her shots, she squeezes time for an interview with me. While she is gearing up to chat with me, she excuses herself to grab a quick bite. Though our candid tête-à-tête is interrupted twice as she is multi-tasking, may we add as always, Priyanka Chopra does manage to floor us with her million dollar smile, warm hug and those honest replies! Read on...
First half of 2016 has been amazing for you. What do we expect from Priyanka Chopra in the second half of the year?
Second season of Quantico will start in September for which I begin shooting in July. Six months of my life are right there and then Baywatch will release which will be fun and global release. And at the moment, because I cannot start any film till March 2017, I have the luxury to decide. I am listening to few scripts here and there. Some really good films are being made in World right now including India. So it is difficult time because I am greedy actor and I want to do everything. And I am used to doing 4 films a year, so someone who is used to do that and gets to do only 2 films, it is very difficult. 
Are you feeling bad that you won't have a film releasing in Bollywood for over a year?

Think about the actors that are around and tell me how often their releases happen. It isn't heartbreaking because my show comes every Saturday and Sunday into people's homes. It is the highest rated English spoken show for the network and not just the channel, which they told me two days ago and I am excited about it. I am touching an audience on weekly basis, which I couldn't even access when I was doing films. Plus my film will have a big Indian release. Baywatch as a show was hit, so the film has a brand value attached to it. So I don't feel I am away from.. because I have gotten them use to 4 films a year. But in the last two years I have started doing 2-3 films as I was doing music and other stuff. I don't feel bad because I am compensating it through other work but I do want to be able to do more. I wish there were 600 days in a year. Woh bhi fill hote hai... Then I would say kaash 900 hote.

When Jai Gangajaal didn't do well, did you feel bad?

I mean whenever the film doesn't do well, it bothers you as an actor. I feel really bad but I am glad people liked my work. But that's all an actor can do. It is a film I am proud of. 100% track record kiska hai Raju Hirani ke siwa? (laughs), Correct? And he also has made only three films. Raju Hirani is special.

Since you spoke about Rajkumar Hirani, do we see you working with him?

Oh God! I don't know but I hope so. I have always believed that casting is a director's prerogative. I am not someone who would say. I have never in my life said that 'I want to work with these people' but I cannot say 'Can I do your next film?' That is because the character will tell who the actor should be. And everyone knows my work and merit. I don't have to tell. I hope he finds me interesting enough because I admire his work and he knows that. I love his films.

Now that the first season of Quantico did so well, is there a pressure with the second season?

Second season always has pressure. Maine kabhi television kiya nahi hai pehle. But this is what I am told by all. We have gone to 212 territories, dubbed in 56 languages, which is amazing to me. The show has exploded in great way and of course there will be pressure. But there will be more pressure on the writers to make second season as interesting as the first. But that is what we will find out. That is what art is. It is transient. It does well sometimes, it doesn't sometimes. You just gotta keep going!

You are the only Indian actress to feature on 5 international magazines...

I never see it as an achievement. I just keep working. If I have time, then I will do it. I am really happy for the honour. This year itself, the amount of magazines that have covered me within the US and India.. chalo India toh we do it.. but whether it was Malaysia, Germany, Spain.. It is just nice to be honoured with it. I am only 9 months old there in television, I am not considering my film yet. Signing a film doesn't make someone a star. Let it release then judge and talk about it. But I will talk about my show because that has released and judged. The laurels I have got, whether it is getting Padmashri, being at Oscars, being on Time and doing 8 covers, it is so gratifying and amazing because I want to be known for my work and this is the direct reflection of how my work is perceived. I don't do anything else. I don't understand planning, strategy, image etc. I have been very organic and instinctive for my career. Which is why I make mistakes also. But I stand by them too. I have always said this, everything that has happened to me, it may be the first for any Indian, but it is just 1-2% of what we deserve on a global platform. Because we are such a prolific film industry. We have always been put into a box. I hope with me ploughing the ground and telling and showing people that Indian actors are lot more than the usual stereotype that we have always had to play. Like Alex has got nothing to do with me. She could have been from anywhere - haan om bracelet shayad nahi pehenti. That is my idea. I wanted to start the show with Om. 1st shot of it was with a hand, which they gladly allowed. The writers have embraced my culture after I was cast in it. I think that is how casting should happen - on merit. It should be based on talent.

You have ventured into everything including Production. Any plans of turning into a director?

No, I am scared of that. I have been asked. I am honest. Especially in America for TV and stuff. ABC Network asked me to direct one of the episodes but I was like.. I don't know. They always say that I have it. Directing one episode is easier than making a film and they are my crew, my people and it is my show. But I don't know if I am ready for it. I need to learn so much. I didn't come into the business with any knowledge. So my career has been my acting school. The filmmakers have taught me what to do and what not. The reason I can go there and be confident is because I know my job and I have learnt it in the Hindi film industry. Hindi film industry is the reason, that I can be what I am today. I take immense amount of pride in it. Not because I am Indian, I mean woh toh hai hiJimmy Fallon se zyada chicken main kha sakti hun because I am a Punjabi. I don't need to prove it. My Indianness goes with me where I walk. But I am talking about my craft and my ability to work. I hope I someday get the courage to do it.

When you debuted in Bollywood, you faced your share of problems and emerged stronger. Was Hollywood easier or you went through more problems there?

I didn't go to America as a new comer and I went there on my own terms. I didn't need it and I have never needed it. International is not something that I was aiming for. I have an amazing film career in India, by God's grace I have great work and respect. ABC came to me. I asked them why? The explanation given to me was that I have the ability to transcend. Like I can play various types of characters and various types of people while being me, apparently. I can cross over smoother. So I was curious to know. I was doing music in America and wasn't looking at that. Hence I was curios and this conversation I had with the VP of casting, whom I met at a party. 'American TV is doing well and the content is amazing'. I was asked whether I would ever do it and I said, 'I don't know if I will have the time to do it because I have films and all'. Conversation over and I don't know what peeked their interest. She came to India and asked me to do a talent deal. Of course, I first said that I will do a mini series. Four months, it will be easy. Never expected the show to do the way it did. It was supposed to be only 13 episodes long, it became 19 first and then 22. Finally I had to tell them to stop because I had to do movies in the middle and I was very clear about that. So I did that on my own terms. I told them very clearly that I am a leading lady and I play supporting roles when I want to, of course. But I am used to my face on poster. I don't want to settle for less. If you can give me that then great. Second, I will play a character... I break stereotypes even in India with the roles that I play. That is my attempt that art, to push the envelope. To do characters to which people get surprised. Initially, people used to say how did an actress do this? Now they say how did a commercial actress do it? An actor is an actor is an actor is an actor. There are no small roles, there are only small actors. And I am not a small person. So I am used to doing parts - darje ke roles in India. I told them, you come to me with something like that I will do it, then there is no need to waste our time. I did it on my terms very clearly.

When people like Dwayne Johnson and Jenna Tatum praise you, how do you react?

They are my colleagues! To me they are like people whom I have worked with. To me it feels the same, like when my colleagues appreciate in India. But what is nice is the kind of acceptance and the kind of nod that I may have got for walking my own path. That I was apprehensive about. I don't know anything else except for doing my job. I can host a show, perform on stage etc. I am glad that my work is getting appreciated. I was taken aback when Jenna did that face swap because we had once met years ago randomly at Golden globe party or something. After that it was so sweet, the caption was sweet - Priyanka makes everything beautiful. I was like 'Tumne apni shakal dekhi hai? Kitni sundar..' So it was this mutual admiration which grew. But it feels nice to be acknowledged by colleagues who are not even a year old, for me at least.

Recently when we met Shah Rukh Khan, Irrfan Khan, Anushka Sharma, they all said that they are proud of you and Deepika. Going to Hollywood is gutsy. Do you agree to them?

I don't know, I cannot speak for anyone else. And many people have done movies in the past as well. That is not gutsy. Doing a film - Anil sir, Om sir, Irrfan, Deepika, I am doing it. So many have done it. I have grown up in worldly home. I have grown up in America and I believe in global culture. I believe in global talent and entertainment because that is what I have consumed as well. What was scary for me was to convince America on every Sunday that I know my job. Completely new country that doesn't know me. New demographic for me. Signing a film is easy, it is acceptance which is hard. I am grateful for that. It took lot of blood, sweat and tears. It is difficult to stay on a set everyday where people expect you to only be a dancer-singer. To constantly introduce the film industry and its power to the world, to stand my ground that people wouldn't know, that was difficult. I was very honest, I was scared. I was so nervous when Quantico was going to air. I felt 'yaar agar yeh galat hogaya na toh I will not just embarass me, I will embarass the industry'. Not the country. Countra ka kya lena dena. I don't want to be that. I want to make the film industry proud. It is like when you pass out from college, when you get a nice job, you will always be the alumni na? For me it is that. I didn't want to let down the entire entertainment industry. Country won't get affected by one Priyanka Chopra!

But the Country is definitely proud of one Priyanka Chopra...

Thank you! I am grateful for that. That has happened because it just did. You should be true to what you doing and not think so much. I am grateful to all the other actors too who acknowledge the work that I am doing. As a film actor, my career hasn't even started in America. Like I said - Anil Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, Aishwarya, Om Puri, Mr B (Bachchan) they all have done films and have received love and appreciation in a big way. Mine is just a very mainstream and because the show is on my shoulders, I guess.

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OMG she's become really full of herself...such a big turn off...

She is SRK's choice !! None other than SRK !
So she must be having something very special about her which we mortals are missing..

Someone please shove a big humble pie down her throat!

Making vanilla cupcakes. Will that do?

If people here hate her just because of the whole SRK business like they claim they should hate on him too right? Why only her then? And according to recent reports he's the one who's pursuing her

Just finding lame excuses to bring her down!

Keep it up Pryanka..

I've noticed that it's always the really successful people that get the most hate. I guess it's jealous. How unfortunate that desi people burn seeing the success of their desi girl! I for one am super proud of her! Priyanka broke out into the mainstream like a boss!

"You are the only Indian actress to feature on 5 international magazines..."

I don't know why we keep track of these things (I've only seen it matter so much to mostly Indian people, first this, best that, only this, only that, youngest this, whatever that...And immersing myself in your culture has made me adapt to it) but this particular statement is simply not true. Indian actress Shilpa Shetty covered several UK magazines while she was in the UK doing a reality show. Indian actress Freida Pinto has featured on the cover of more than a dozen international magazines including but not limited to: INTERVIEW MAGAZINE, THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, NYLON MAGAZINE, IO DONNA MAGAZINE (ITALY), IN-STYLE MAGAZINE, VERSUS MAGAZINE, MADAME FIGARO (FRANCE), ROLLINGSTONE MAGAZINE, COSMOPOLITAN (US), THE EDIT MAGAZINE, TU STYLE, THE TELEGRAPH MAGAZINE (UK), ELLE (US), PEOPLE (US), ET WEEKLY (US) among many others. Indian actress Aishwarya Rai featured on the covers of MARIE CLAIRE (MALAYSIA), VANITY FAIR (ITALY), MADAME FIGARO (FRANCE), AMERICA MAGAZINE (US), AMERICAN WAY MAGAZINE (US), HELLO (UK, RUSSIA, INDO-ARAB, MIDDLE-EAST editions), OK MAGAZINE (UK, MIDDLE-EAST) WOMEN'S WEEKLY (AUSTRALIA, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE editions), TV MEDIA (GERMANY), NOK LAPJA (GERMANY), COSMOPOLITAN (RUSSIA, SINGAPORE, FRANCE), TORONTO LIFE MAGAZINE (CANADA), EVA MAGAZINE (NORWAY) among others. Not to knock PC, she has achieved a lot but that line in this interview is simply untrue.

I think the interviewer meant visible "international" magazines like elle USA and instyle (USA). Freida has been on more recognised covers but she is not a bollywood star. As for Aishwarya she has never been on a cover mainstream popular fashion/entertainment US magazine such has instyle or elle.

Well technology, visibility and time has changed since Aishwarya Rai made an entry into Hollywood...As they say PC capitalised being in the right place at the right time...Most of what she has done is self promotion and rightfully so...Even being the UNICEF ambassador...I have not seen her follow up to make sure that the girl child actually benefits..But her personal branding and marketing are spot-on...Well done PC

Why do people hate her so much... you guys cant stand to see someone confident! She is a hard working woman and a good actres..barfi saat khoon maaf aitraz andaz fashion dostana for proof

You know what PC has my blessing keep slaying girl!!!!

I am not a big fan or anything but why is there so much hate for a person who is doing exceedingly well all over and is super successful. She is really big, why is it so hard to accept.

that SRK was caught at her home 3am two times a row makes her not more popular

Were you appointed as a watchman you caught them?

Were you appointed as a watchman you caught them?

She's a fab girl. Absolutely solid. Love her.

More power to you girl!!!

She is full of shitS!! Dwayne Johnson is not considered a Hollywood a lister and Jena Tatum is literally a nobody in the US, so why is she even trying to name drop here? Please brag when a Brad Pitt or a filmmaker such as Ang li or Spielberg praises your talent. BTW Priyankas, someone called Tabu played in an Ang Lee movie called Life of Pi but she never bragged on and on as you are doing even though she was cast in a mainstream movie. Abc is the doordarshn of US. So stop bragging like ure a cast of Game of thrones or Sopranos. It's Shit ass quantico who only bored housewives watch. Shut ure fake lips and fake tongue and go live ure fake life.

So you think Vin Diesel is ruling Hollywood ??

Both Vin Diesel and The Rock at A-list celebrities, Jenna Dewan is the wife of an A-list celebrity...she acts too and is a a fabulous dancer but her husband is more famous than she is.

did you forget your 'ABCD's

Achievements and Hardwork yes.. but this self indulgence is getting a tad too much...Someone shut this egotist accented snob now!!!!!! i..blah blah..me.blah blah..highest paid..blah blah..chased me..blah blah..americas..blah blah..holywood..blah blah..BLAH!!!

Self obessed!!!

Self obessed!!!

Big liar priyanka is. Now she is talking of women in India as though she has sympathy. She only wants publicity and more money

Big liar priyanka is. Now she is talking of women in India as though she has sympathy. She only wants publicity and more money

She is a liar and a facade. This woman used sexual abuse and humiliation game on me in full public view made an assasunation attempt on me. She demanded the Americsn shows, oscar presence and the white house dinner to stop her harassment. ANSHU JAIN OF DEUTSCHE BANK GOT HER THE TICKET TO HOLLYWOOD BUCKLING TO HER THREATS. Bhai of mumbai is the strenghth.


I am from Pakistan and I love Priyanka Chopra she's a beautiful actress and very talented too i watch Quantico she's brilliant actress being an Asian myself I am proud of her... so Indians all over the world should be proud to she's a humble soul appreciate her hard work ATLEAST .... Kindness cost nothing ..........who are we too judge ?

The real test of the show is not in the first season
The first season will sell anyhow due to novelty and new faces..the real deal is second season..let's see if the show can sustain steam..a lot of shows make a noise when new and fizzle out later

PC is really delusional. I am an American of Indian origin and no one that I know cares about her show or her acting. She is just blowing her trumpet and creating a hype.

poor thing, she thinks they came after her because she is something that great? it's a strategic move by ABC, and i am sure many networks will follow suit...i mean there are well over a BILLION indians all over the world and they will watch the show ONLY to see the bolly celeb in it. the marketing execs at the networks are astute enough to know this. she sounds really repulsive with her constantly patting herself on the back as if she is some highly educated person curing cancer or something

She is a BIG JOKE now!!

She is doing the most dead brand movie. But talking as if she is doing what Anne Hathaway does. Lol

Priyanka's had a great start! hope she reaches even getter heights

all these celebs are such narcissists and so full of themselves. she simply cant stop going on about how great she is, she sounds as if she is literally in love with herself. anyway one major thing chopra fails to mention is her agent, the indian woman who accompanied her to the oscars, she is extremely well networked in hollywood. so chopra is making it seem as if she did nothing to get into hollywood and ABC ran after her etc when in fact her agent got her noticed to begin with. this is where chopra has some success and rai couldn't, because she didn't have the right agent. pinkvilla please publish

"... and they are my crew, my people and it is my show" - She is so full of herself it is really hard to like her. She is constantly humble bragging or outright bragging. She is not as great as she thinks she is. Other than the fans of that poorly written show, nobody in the US really knows who she is despite the gobs of publicity heaped by the Quantico people. She would be a lot more likable if she behaved like a normal television/film personality and showed a little humility. Maybe she is full of insecurities and that is why she behaves in this manner. I hope the Quantico people read this interview and put her in her place.

It is not just a matter of agent. Ash never had a strategy for Hollywood or a desire to settle there. She got banned by the Khans, Gurinder Chadda came to her door for Pride and Prejudice to woo U.K based NRI audiences and Ash accepted it as she didn't have other bollywood movies then. Then Loreal noted how popular she is in India , cashed on her popularity and made her an ambassador. Earlier, Revelon was the most popular company in cosmetics in India, Ash helped Loreal gain a significant market share . Mostly international platforms she was sent by Loreal, she didn't do anything extra special herself to go International (maybe just hired an agent to manage her work). And she was being considered for Troy opposite Brad Pitt, rejected it due to kissing/intimate scenes, in one filmfare awards Will Smith is openly saying on stage he wants to work with Aishwarya. Probably she said no because she felt how would Desi audience perceive her romancing a black guy (yes Indians are very racist) . Even after marriage she was offered to judge one American reality show but she said no because it meant staying 6 months away from her family. Contrast that with PC, she had a strategy, ambition and determination to get into Hollywood through any means. So first she started music (strangely we had never heard her sing in India), then NFL, networking, appearing in International award shows, getting an add brand (Gap) to increase visibility, then small screen (TV), finally a Hollywood movie and then magazine covers. She worked very hard for the past 4-5 years, flying frequently, making connections and ready to settle in Hollywood. Plus she is free to do kissing scenes, sex scenes which are part and parcel of Hollywood movies because back in India people perceive her differently. (She has done kissing/intimate scenes in Indian movies before). So it is wrong to compare these two actresses together , Both had different circumstances and ambitions. Deepika would be like Ash, she will do Hollywood movies which come in her way, but would not leave her career/family /boyfriend here behind to settle there. DP should be comapred with PC only 4 years later, coz PC started International career way earlier in 2012, while DP is doing it now

To be honest, I'm kind of shocked at all the comments here. And I fail to understand time and time again why PC gets so much hate on this site. And I fail to understand why people are so quick bring someone down when all they're doing is working their ass off and climbing the ladder of success. This girls works so hard in India and in America, her show gets extended to season 2, and instead of just being proud of another indian's success, we're hating on her. It's so sad. It's so easy to judge behind a computer. But I'll bet my life that most of you would die to be as successful as PC is. But besides being talented and hard working, it also takes positivity which a lot of you here lack. You guys are super negative its so disgusting.

These are insecure DP fans commenting..probably kids, if you observe all actresses are bashed badly on Pinkvilla except for Deepika

How lame again. Desperate PC fans use Deepikas name again for excuses. But otherwise it shows the POWER of Deepika. Yeah!

Power lol..Proved DP fans commenting here

Power lol..Proved DP fans commenting here

That's lame, I live in Kansas city and nobody here knows Quantico

Oh god. She's at it again buttering herself. Shut up

sumo wrestler

Only reason the show was re-newed for new season was because of the money Disney has dropped on publicity and marketing. The show had average ratings - not number one as she was told - so they have to re-new for second season to make up for 1st. And since she brings in Asian audience - India being country with over 1 billion people, yeah, they're definitely going to try to make it number one.

It had the highest ratings for a new show in Canada and the second highest ratings for a new show in the US (only behind Blindspot). how's that average? Quantico is a breakout hit!

Congrats! You feel for ABC/ Disney's false info! Believe me, show is meh....

So many new shows got cancelled but Quantico got renewed and is actually a hit! Haters keep burning

Posters..no posters... that's not a big deal...I am sure they are up in some cities and not in others...But let's be Frank here..if Quantico did not feature PC bit some American actress...would we Indians have heard about it or bothered to give it a second look..the show is very very avg in terms of script..so many shows runs here in Star world and AXN but how many of us actually watch it. Only a handful like GOT, HFC, FRIENDS, Grey's have made an impact. The show is not hit in India.. the few who watch watch it only for PC. Her acting is avg but cannot blame her for sloppy script. I cannot say much about her success in the West , but after browsing through some international sites (akin to pink villa) I can say that there is more news of Frieda Pinto than her. And people asking her to eat a humble pie...why should she?? She is successful and she need not be shy about it...if the same was said by a male actor there would have been applause all around.

Quantico is the biggest breakout hit of the year along with Blindspot! Haters keep hating but this is a fact!

Quantico rocks

Can't wait for next season. Love the show and the chemistry between her and 'ryan' is so hot .

Love her confident attitude. She IS the centre of all Quantico promos. Awesome.

You know... It's actually REALLY funny how people go on and on about how Quantico is a dud and that it failed, when the facts are that it has been renewed. Hating a celeb is all fine and dandy. But when it's come to the point where you make a fool of yourself in the process, you need to stop. ABC of all studios wouldn't renew a show that didn't bring in any profit. So calm down, haters and focus on something else about PC. Cause when it comes to Quantico, you got nothing.

Mindy Kaling's show is in it's 5th season and she is not even that pretty. But has talent.

Kaling is an American . Compare her with her peers Tina Fey and Amy Poehler not PC , our desi girl.

And congratulations to Mindy. But Mindy has nothing to do with this topic.

I live in Canada and none of my Canadian friends who are not NRI's give a damn about the show. What is she smoking? Talking about being the highest rated English show???

I live in Canada too and know lots of non-Indians that watch the show. I also know lots of people that may not watch the show but they know Priyanka now because they've seen her in and on magazines, on talk shows and literally everywhere. She is definitely making an impact.

Yup, same here. Apart from NRI's, I have one half Indian half Spanish friend who knows of the show (but hasn't seen any episodes), and then one of my Lebanese co-workers does (watched the first episode, hated it and never watched it again). Only reason the show is doing average is because there's a huge NRI population in Canada and the States. Actually, a good chunk of the NRI audience don't actually like the show either, just watch it for the fact that it's headlined by an Indian actress.

she is so annoying

Her acting in Quantico was very very average. I couldn't watch after the 1st episode. And Quantico is not famous among Americans.

My american friend about Priyanka, Not great actress but always wears tight cloths to show off body.

I live in Manhattan and belong to NYU...Outright lies by PC and her minions..Nobody gives a damn about Quantico,go read the viewers reviews on Google/Netflix for yourself, and nor do I see her posters all over NYC,.So keep your stories to yourself and stop forcing people to believe your delusional stuff.

Agreed. I live in DC and no one gives crap about her show too!

Yup. From Vancouver and I can vouch for this too.

from Delhi I can do the same too

You are so funny. You should comment more on PV posts.

Priyanka herself is saying she has a long way to go! she's rather humble!

PC rocks!

She should discuss her affair with a married man...,,SRK

maybe you should get a life

So much self praise lmao this girl is delusional. Sucks you have to go on about your own success cuz you know people aren't talking about you lmao

really? I see people talking about Priyanka and praising her all over! that's why haters on pinkvilla are always burning

I like her, I think she's beautiful and interesting, but I must say I'm surprised of the negative comments I read on this article. I would have imagined Indian people are proud of her success outside her country?

Keep making haters burn Priyanka! so proud of you!

Priyanka's hardworking! she deserves all the success and more!

PC you are at this stage where you can make any demand. Fools are the people who say she was not seen on those giant posters. What else can you expect from those bunch of ignorant.

Go home and dry your tears. Annoying person!

Always good to see an Indian actress doing well . Hollywood is a very hard nut to crack , Bollywood would be child's play in comparison.

Same megalomanic like her lover.

She is one of the best BW actresses but she is taking herself too seriously & making up & embellishing stuff. Quantico is not the highest rated English spoken show for ABC networks. Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, Grey's Anatomy are all ahead of it. Proud of her for breaking into HW but please don't say a bunch of lies and expect us to believe you. Anjula Acharia-Bath chased & networked for almost 4 years to get her the show. It's not like Keli Lee from ABC just came to PC. There is nothing wrong in admitting that you chased your dream of being in HW. I don't get it why BW actors feel so ashamed to admit it.

Quantico airs in more countries internationally now so it is the highest rated show for ABC

Scandal is way ahead of Quantico internationally. Don't make up lies like your idol.

Priyanka chopra is lying outright by saying ABC chased her....Such a lier....She sounds Pompous and narcissist ....Too much pride

Keli Lee herself says she went to India with a talent holding deal for Priyanka.

Keli Lee came to India after Anjula chased her and many others international talent acquisition heads network honchos for years. It's not like suddenly Keli realized that she should go to India to meet PC for this deal. Got it?

more power to PC! keep rocking!

priya i do not like your nose what have you done to it

Priyanka doesn't even know who you are loser

I actually saw her poster across Hilton Beverly Hills last summer

I haven't seen any posters in the U.S. And even if there are some, she shouldn't get used to it. She'll be old news soon. Actually she already is.

I've seen lots of billboards of Priyanka, especially before the premiere and mid-season return. lots of people on social media have seen them too. Like it or not she's the new IT girl in Hollywood right now. what happens tomorrow no one knows, she might even be bigger than this. don't speak so soon!

you jealous huh?!

I don't see any posters in California, sorry fans.

May be you don't live in LA.. I have seen her posters everywhere, in Valley, in Santa Monica-culver city neighborhood and in Beverly Hills.. in fact even in Orange County..

you should get out more then!

balanced interview for sure! nice read. thanks! Priyanka's an awesome lady!

Wow..Great confidence. She is the president of her own fan club

212 territories she said, not countries lol

I live in the UK and I saw her posters here too when abili launched the show here. it was awesome seeing an Indian actress I've grown up watching on posters all over my city.

I found her quite humble in this interview! though she doesn't have to be...

Woww she really thinks highly of herself

Woww she really thinks highly of herself

haters gonna hate! Priyanka's just going to keep slaying!

awesome interview!

damn she's so honest and sweet! love her!

I love her humbleness. Success hasn't gone to her head and she's very appreciative of all of it.

I love how this is so sweetly sarcastic!

She needs a reality check. People saying her posters are posted on buses in NYC in previous posts, Well I did not see a single poster of her. She's too full of herself. It's good to be humble sometimes.

Just write: I hate Priyanka Chopra, the next time you come on her posts. That'll save you the time and trouble you put in to mask the hate.

So just because you don't see them, they don't exist? Give me a break hater.

I used to see her posters all over midtown, NYC..anyone who is blind has not seen it!! Stop the hate and please give credit where due!

Which credit? I haven't seen any poster and You can't force me to see what I didn't see.

just because you haven't seen them doesn't mean other people haven't! your attempt at putting her down failed!

You're too full of yourself. Yoiu have never said anything positive about PC anyway....so we don't expect anything from you anyway

Pray enlighten us, who have you ever said anything positive about ever except your idol ???

he he... Shaks.. is that you commenting about urself? except for d fact tat minus PC u spread hate towards every other celeb?

The only thing worse than a liar is aLiar that's also a hypocrite!

Look who's talking..PV's biggest Hypocrite!

You should be the last person on earth to say anything to me. Are you not the same person spreading hate on all other post that is not Priyanka? Hypocrite at its best.

LOLL !! And you are the same person who spreads hate on all other post that are not about RK. You and Shak are birds of a feather.

are you kidding? her posters were all over NYC! I saw them everyday on the way to work. maybe you should get out more!

Actually I am always out, so don't even try that. I am being honest what's your problem?

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement