Mystery surrounding 'Aashiqui' star Anu Agarwal unveiled [HT report]

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Source: Hindustan Times

Once famous for her debut in Mahesh Bhatt’s film, Anu Aggarwal vanished from Bollywood for over 15 years. She has now returned to the city after a near-death experience and is putting the two lives that she has lived, all together in a book…

‘Two things that came out of Aashiqui — the music and Anu Aggarwal’
Officially, I came back to life two months ago. There is something that woke me up and I thought to myself, ‘Hey... I need to communicate.’ I thank all those people who have seen me through this near death experience, as I call my accident, which happened in 1999.

It was not just the movie (Aashiqui, 1990), which was a blockbuster. Only two things came out of the film: the film’s music and Anu Aggarwal. I’m thankful for all the adulation. It’s overwhelming.

‘Life was blank’
I don’t remember what happened in 1999 actually. I have developed a complete block on what actually happened. I don’t have a memory. I’m sure it’s there somewhere, resting in some latent part of my brain. I was driving a car... and I crashed it. I had each and every limb, bone and joint broken in my body. I don’t know whether there was someone else in the car, but I believe there was. I have to go by hearsay, which is not something I particularly want to believe. Beyond that everything is a blank.

‘My life started the day I woke up from the coma’
I was comatose for 29 days. My life started from the day I woke up half paralysed, which is when I didn’t even know what the meaning of paralysis was. I existed outside my body. I had many, so called, spiritually amazing experiences throughout that time. And I saw the other side, where death is finality and mortality, normal... where the death angel rules.

‘I cat walked around the hospital half paralysed’
It began with a doctor at the Breach Candy hospital, who was looking after me in the ICU. He saw the condition I was in. He said nine out of ten people who came to that hospital like that, didn’t make it through.

After three years, these same doctors saw me trying to catwalk around Breach Candy hospital when my face was entirely paralysed and twisted to one side. All the doctors would just stare at me in wonderment over how I was trying to walk even when my feet were not moving.

‘I didn’t know Anu Aggarwal, I am not Anu Aggarwal’
I didn’t know the meaning of words and languages when I woke up... I didn’t know English; though it came to me faster than Hindi did. I had lost everything. It was like landing up on another planet altogether. I had no knowledge of history, geography or culture. I remembered nothing; there was complete loss of memory. I didn’t know Anu Aggarwal. I’m not Anu Aggarwal. What does she look like?

‘Boyfriends, drugs and rock and roll’
My book is biographical. I wouldn’t say it’s a biographical essay. It’s basically this life of mine, which began in 1999. So it could have certain memories from my childhood, a certain time of me as a film star, boyfriends, drugs and rock and roll…. It has glimpses. It’s really just a story.
The other life is, I wouldn’t say imagined, but it is Anu’s character. She tells me what is happening in her life. She’s another character in the book. It’s got prose, poetry, pictures, paintings, diaries and lots more.

‘I’m not here, I don’t exist’
I disappeared from Bollywood much before the accident. Then I decided to say no to all publications, interviews and everything that came with it. I’m not here! I do not exist. That was in 1993.

In 1994, I completed all the films I had. In 1995 I started my travel overseas, and then I disappeared. In 1997, I went into Yoga. I liked that life, that discipline and that anonymity. Which really means no ambition, no greed, no dishonesty and no hate.

‘Bollywood opened its bathrobe for me’
With movies and the little status I had in that industry, I think its universe had opened its bathrobe for me. I saw everything that there really is to see. I could have chosen to be a star forever, expected some films to do as well as Aashiqui did, which is a normal thing with movie stars. Or I could leave.
I know people who joined Bollywood when I was around, I don’t want to name anybody, but they’re still there. It’s been 16 years. I’m so glad I can walk the road today. That’s one reason why I didn’t want to talk. It took me a long time to build this freedom, and it was tough... really really tough.

‘Mahesh Bhatt pressurised me into doing Aashiqui’
Movies were never a dream. Being a star was never a dream. Mahesh Bhatt looked at me and said, “You are a star,” and I said, “Where? In the galaxy?” And he said, “You should act in movies.” And I said, “Movies? What Hindi movies? I don’t even watch them.”

Seven months later he called me and said, I’ve written a script for you. I said, “Me? You don’t even know me, what have you written.” And he said, “If you don’t do it, I won’t make it. The name of the film is Aashiqui.”

‘So life just happened to me, I didn’t make it happen’
I was here on a holiday and suddenly the talent scout guy saw me at Churchgate station. That’s how my first modelling job happened. Then acting happened. So life just happened to me, I didn’t make it happen.

I have learnt that you have to let life happen to you and never oppose it. That’s the greatest, most peace-giving realisation. People think they make their lives…. They don’t do anything.

‘People went crazy — girls, boys, young people, older people, gays... everybody’
There were people outside my doorstep all the time (after Aashiqui); I walked out to notes saying, “Anu, I love you.” There were always pieces of paper in the corridors. People went crazy — girls, boys, young people, older people, gay people... everybody.

For me, who wasn’t ever here for that, I was not looking forward to all this. I wanted to do social work. I studied social work. I was working with the UN, that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

‘I was the girl who smoked Marlboro lights in public, wore skirts and was blatantly honest’
Those were sleazy times in the film industry. There were the paan chewing and spitting, gold-chains-tinkling-all-over-the-place guys. A friend once told me that I was around during the revolution. She told me that I came at the exact time when the change was just about to happen. Apparently I even made it happen. She said, “You were the only girl who wore short skirts, smoked Marlboro lights in public, never had anyone in the industry to back her, was completely intellectual and blatantly honest.”

You don’t know what happened to me because of that honesty. A magazine once took one line out of a long interview and made it headlines. It was some statement I made about not being a virgin. Today if they ask me, I will say I am a virgin. After the accident it took me years to understand what sex was, to even realise that I was a woman. So, yeah... if at 22 I made a statement saying I’m not a virgin, at 39 I can say, I am a virgin.

‘I feel 11 years old today’
I am not in touch with anyone from the industry or any of my older friends. I think I am a lot younger now, though mentally I’ve gained the wisdom of sages, but I feel eleven years old today.

I am also considering publishers who are interested in the book. I want it to be marketed well. There are different publishers from Australia, New York, UK, so I have to figure out things. On the other hand, I am doing whatever little I can, with the knowledge that I have acquired over the last few years, healing work... I have also started counselling. Life is really amazing; it’s more than I would have ever expected.

‘Name anyone in the industry at that point who was exciting’
I never had boyfriends in the movie business. No one excited me. Name any one person in my time that was exciting? After I became a huge success, there was no one to match what I had achieved; it became very hard for me to relate to men my age. And yes, it did get lonely. You’re given these labels like... sexy... bohemian... swings both ways... things like that.

There was a lot of misrepresentation. If I found a man in my life, I would have gotten married, I didn’t. I’m single. It’s lovely.

‘Excessive fame and the mother f****r’ is a chapter in my book’
I am not bitter. Life was wonderful. But other things that were not so wonderful happened... stalkers. It wasn’t showbiz, it was stardom. ‘Excessive fame and the mother f****r’ is a chapter in my book.

All kinds of strange energies start coming to you. I was a single girl handling everything alone. I was tired. Then at 2 am in the morning, people would call me and say, I am watching you, I am in the building next to you… I’m coming over to see you... I love you. And they would send dirty mails.


There is lot of error in whole story - Anu, was famous for smoke, hanging out with small kids....more than half of her age....and in last ends up in after effects of drugs.....lady was never a actress- have not seen her acting anywhere....she was blank face...which cuited the musical script thus she got her name.....with this, she should write a book , put some HEAT in it.....there r chances, it may get some money !

What a load of crap!

Bullshit, looks like she blew all her money and needs more moolah now!


my only wish to see rahul and anu aggarwal together on roads of mumbai

Hi every one!
Lovers and haters

None is perfect in this world and we all have to die one day I mean we born for die .
It is true " the AASHIQUI " film was hit and successful . I agree with her performance was great
For that period (around 90's). I even watch this movie these-days. For beauty
She is not mind blowing beauty from figure and appearance but definitely beauty inside her heart and performance . I salute her and her performance for AASHIQUI . Now I don't know what happened after successful career ? I guess she could not control herself from all kinda things such as drugs addiction, sleep with famous and rich guys etc, in this case either she knows or GOD ! Whatever happened , if she published book with all truths , I will buy it even thou I have to pay big bucks. She might be excellent experienced rehab teacher for new generation. Look!!! What happens ? Being super stars and after successful in career and fame if you don't care about yourself? None is with her now . Where is family and relatives ? Where are all big fans ?
Where is life ?before 1999 ? What ever ANU says or claims it is not important for me , the important things are what is truth? Whatever it is! Worst or best ? Even thou worst I like the truth. If she days the truth I still like/love her as aashiqui superstar. And you ANU AGARWAL even though if u did wrong thing in your life . It is ok .don't worry , just accept JESUS CHRIST , he will forgive sin and he will make you stronger girl or women (whatever you like to prefer)ever than ever. He loves you and loves you all his followers. I have bad and experienced testimony of life . I am 34 years old now . ANU
Final world for you JESUS LOVES YOU. He has come to seek who has been lost! Who has nobody in this world, Lord JESUS IS for them .amen

And I love you more than any Bollywood heroine , I know you need love . Thx

I can see the child in her ...... she is dancing on the canvas

I'm not being cruel o r as they say (the truth hurts) I have to agree with of
Comments she is full of it but rubbish at acting,so I say anu go n get lifebefore nobody wants to know !!!!!!!!


It's really pained and saddened me to hear your story. I have a great appreciation for the film "Aashiqui". You were looking stunning, gorgeous and beautiful in the film together with your co star "Rahul Roy". I wondered what you had gone through after the accident. God is omnipresent and He will shower his grace and blessing continuously on you. Don't bother about what other peoples say negatively, live your life as per your wish. God blessed you.

aashiqui was great

she comes of as proud and too full of herself

best of luck, goodlookin'

For Me Anu Aggarwal Is Defination Of Beauty . Love U God Bless

I wish u the best in life Anu . U know me quite well from the good old days at the Hyatt Regency Hotel - New Delhi

She is talking bullshit. The fact remains that she was good as a model, that's it.

Firstly, Aashiqui was not that big a 'hit'. It did average business, mostly because of its songs.

Both, Rahul Roy and Anu Aggarwal, neither looked good nor could act.

Anu Aggarwal tried her luck in several films and was a flop actress. So its not that she opted out of Bollywood. Rather, no one was interested in casting her.

Lastly, she is rumored to be a lesbian, which may or may not be true and is completely her personal problem.


Hats off to such a girl.........when we get the answer life changes the question.......i really salute her for coming to terms with reality and recovering after accident with a lot of guts and discipline......we all should thank GOD for showering HIS blessings on us otherwise life is not a bed of roses boss.....

realy you are heroine .i am fan you. Realy WE MISS YOU

yes she had to release that book and the true she has tell about her has no guts in some of them

bakwas at all

Found the movie "The Cloud Door" directed by Mani Kaul.. which has Anu as lead..

Actually Anu Agarwal was really big at that point of time. She came in the 'Marvel' soap advert on TV & all the chaps I know loved her.Then she acted in Ashiqui & it made both Anu & Rahul Roy stars over night. Finally she acted in Jagmohan Mundra's movie & in Mani Ratnam's Thiruda Thiruda. She had a French boyfriend & they were heavily into philosphy!She just disappeared after that.

hmmm bandi me dum hai

I am really glad she decided to share her story.

This book should definitely come out. Would be very interesting to read.

Was she really that Kind of super duper star?i guess there must have been a hype after Ashiqui success howeve the way she describes it seems that she was the biggest star with longest run of fame on this planet?! Even sharukh wouldn't have experienced what she claims she did . Btw I remember she acted in a movie called kalnayaka n it was horrible. She couldnt ac at all but wish her best of luck for sure .xx

All kinds of strange energies start coming to you. I was a single girl handling everything alone. I was tired. Then at 2 am in the morning, people would call me and say, I am watching you, I am in the building next to you… I’m coming over to see you... I love you. And they would send dirty mails.


I used to think she was super hot. She did a supporting role in a Mani Ratnam movie in the early 90s. She was oozing so much sex appeal. Still remember her in a sleeveless plain white dress. Effortlessly HOT!

I love her!

Damn, she has been through so much.
I must say that she still seems very disturbed/confused by whatever traumatic stuff happened during that time, I hope she finds her way out of that.

Aashiqui was truly revolutionary at that time, the music, and the very unconventional leading stars.
Anu agarwal and Manisha Koirala are 2 ladies who were way ahead of their time, too free-spirited and the old-fashioned men who run Bollywood did not know what to make of them.

Oh man those college days and " Aashiqui" days :(

bas ek sanam chahiye Aashiqui ke liye :(

I think people change after such an experience...

I knew she had met with an accident n but this is interesting....

she seem like a really spiritual person now..I guess that how it is if death came to you in the face..but I'm glad she is fine all those rumours about women beating her up were untrue..God knows what really happened..I do believe the Mahesh Bhatt story though, he would always do like this - constantly scout for new faces...She was really popular..Ashiqui happened much before DDLJ so people were mesmerized..the songs were good, the story was new at that time..girls were mad for Rahul Roy..

It does not seem like she is walking the talk. if she enjoys yoga, anonymity, spirituality then why book? or interviews? or promotions of book. hope she finds real peace.

I like the helpful info you provide in your articles.
I'll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly.
I'm quite certain I will learn lots of new stuff right here!
Good luck for the next!

why she keep saying stuff that she is not i mean why on earth any one would act this fake english came much easy then hindi lol ur indian gil u spent all of ur life talking in hindi n now ur acting like this n i dont belive the part she said about the mahesh bhaat yeah he wanted to work with her but i dont belive that she said the things she wrote here well so i dont want to read any more bcz its all fake n she is such a wanna be no body knows u so girl dont act like a star

wish her all the best... i can imagine that sick people were stalking her , horrible experience she had, wish her all the best for the future, hope she will overcome all her bad experiences and will have a bright future...

I don't think she was THAT famous to say things like "After I became a huge success, there was no one to match what I had achieved".

But for someone to be in a coma and come out of it like this; is a miracle, good luck to her.

Interesting Stuff :)

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