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Rani is on the cover of iDiva looking very alluring. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Coming back to the present, what went wrong in the last couple of years before No One Killed Jessica last year? You had some consecutive flops after a spate of hits, and suddenly you just vanished...
(Snaps her fingers and says with a smile) “Don’t worry, from this year you’ll see me in two films every year at least. Coming back to your question, I had seen failures before but when those three films (Laaga Chunri Mein Daag, Thoda Pyaar, Thoda Magic and Dil Bole Hadippa) failed in quick succession, it affected me in a way no flop had affected me before. I didn’t know what I had done wrong. My confidence was completely shattered. All the movies I had taken up failed to make a mark with audiences and critics alike.

Are you dating someone?
“Yes, I am dating, but that’s as far as I’m willing to talk about my personal life.”

People, your fans especially, want to know about your personal life? They want to know if marriage is on the cards…
“They will when the time comes. Right now I have two movies coming out, which I’m very excited about. And that’s what I’m going to talk about.”

Will you marry an actor?
“No, two megalomaniacs can’t exist in the same house. We’ll probably end up killing each other.”

Have you spoken to Abhishek after he became a father?
“We aren’t in touch on the phone, but whenever I come across him, I will definitely congratulate him. It’s great news.”

So, would we see a Rani Mukerji patisserie soon?
“You could (smiles). I am very serious about going to Paris or Chicago for a fulltime patisserie course.”

What about the fact that today the shelf life of actresses is very low? Would you ever decide to do an item number? Or attend more red carpet events since visibility is so important these days?
“No. Because for me it’s important to cement an impression of my work. Acting is what I do best. It’s not difficult to be in the public eye. Go anywhere and you’ll find the media. See, I am not trying to sound high and mighty here. If I was being launched today, then I would do it exactly as the newcomers are doing it these days. But after 15 years in the course of which I have firmly established my credentials as an actress, I plan to only focus on acting."

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Rani, it will be bold and beautiful to say - I have been fu***ng, my boss for the last 12 yrs., I guess that was not love. You were just doing. a job and getting paid for it.
Or let me guess, while making Dil bole hadippa, your friendship with adi turn into love.
I guess the media was spreading unnecessary rumours about Payal and Adi s marital problem due to another woman in his life.

So now daddy knows,who his baby is been effing,
I guess donkey is better than the monkey said papa.

Well, the author forgot to ask her, if she cross paths with Payal, would she congratulate Rani, for being in love and finally dating a man.
I am sure Payal must have felt sorry for you , for not having a boyfriend or dating a man for a young attractive girl like you.

It's really sad to see that Abhishek and Rani have grown apart. They seemed like such close friends and now it's like they're only acquaintances.

I love to read her interviews,she is not fake and sounds so relax,confident.i totally agree smart answers...she is very intelligent...in the past couple of interviews she doesn't hide she is dating someone ( aditya)...she never degrades her juniors.no doubt why rani is so famous!!

hey thats wat u call an interview..u rock my girl.. beautiful+talented+sensible+intelligent+humble = rani mukerji :)

Yeah, can't wait for Taalash! She looks really good on the cover!

nice photo & interview :)

Read the whole interview in iDiva. Rani really is a beautiful person inside and out. She doesn't put on airs and graces and is thankful for what she has - that's why I adore her and watch her films. I haven't seen any Bolly films since NOKJ apart from Udaan. Now am waiting for Talaash and Aiya!


Love Everything You Are

i've read the whole part of the interview...she seems very down to earth and funny
you are simply the best rani...waiting for your movies...some real acting!!!

Thank God she returned to Bollywood I love her and can not wait until I see her next.

She is looking HOT! I am glad she will be doing more movies!

Wow, she is breathtakingly beautiful.

Smart Ans's especially the last one,Beauty with Brains + Talent now that's called Blessed. LoveU Rani, Wish u all the Best in Life & PLEASE keep Entertaining through your movies.

Don’t worry, from this year you’ll see me in two films every year at least.

Thank You Rani :) that is all I wanted to hear and I am happy. Can't wait for Taalash promo on 26th.

she's lookg real good lately. But in this cover her arms look freakishly short no offense but kind of (dwarfy). i think it's the angle and the shot.

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