Sonam K Ahuja reveals her friend kept quiet about sexual harassment since she had 7 siblings to look after

Sonam Kapoor has spoken up about the attitude of Bollywood towards the #MeToo campaign.
 Sonam K Ahuja reveals her friend kept quiet about sexual harassment since she had 7 siblings to look after Sonam K Ahuja reveals her friend kept quiet about sexual harassment since she had 7 siblings to look after
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Actress Sonam K Ahuja, in an interview with Business of Fashion has revealed the various reasons why high profile Bollywood celebs try to keep mum about issues related to the #MeToo campaign. She also disclosed that two of her closest friends had encountered horrible sexual encounters in the film industry but they haven’t spoken up about it. The actress also reveals about another friend of hers who has faced similar experiences in the film industry but chose to remain silent about it.
Talking about her friend, Sonam said that the girl did not want to be known as a victim for the rest of her life, especially in the film industry. She wanted to be desirable as her whole career was built on that. Sonam added that the girl also had to look after seven of her siblings including her family. This is the reason why the actress debarred herself from speaking up against the sexual harassment. Sonam happens to be one of the few actresses of Bollywood who has actually taken a strong stand regarding the entire issue of the #MeToo movement.

Sonam is currently busy with the promotions of her upcoming film Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga. She recently appeared on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show for promoting the film. Sonam’s father Anil Kapoor would be playing her on screen father in the film and the trailer of the film released on December 27, 2018. The film happens to be Sonam’s first ever collaboration with her father in Bollywood.


KK has endured a great deal in this industry . she comes from a dubious back ground and is now lolling in luxury thanx to her dances ( acting skills or no , KK has surely worked hard) . Surely she could not have reached this heights without enduring any harasement . It goes with the territory . Its too late to reveal all these names now .

So that friend is Katrina and is guy Akshay Kumar bcoz all of a sudden they stopped doing movies together despite being hit jodi

If its her close friends and with a huge family background, why didnt Sonam help her friends ? BS.

Kat acted in Boom and 3 other South Indian Movies before Salman and her fame so it was in these 4 movies that she had problems.

By saying this it just sounds like Sonam has low intelligence, trying to keep it anonymous, yet still revealing crucial facts like the siblings.

Not cool on Sonam’s part to name a victim when she doesn’t want to be named. Stop using other’s stories as your own.

Who abused Katrina? She has support from Salman . Who can go against him or is it Salman itself?

She better have checked with Kat if she was ok with her saying this otherwise its really not fair. on one hand you say your friend doesnt want this to get out and on the other hand you are yourself spilling the beans. this is either really dumb or thoughtless on sonam's part :(

Katrina isn’t your friend sonam, stop with the bs

And the other actress is Jacqueline or swara

And the other actress is Jacqueline or swara

Two of her closest friends in the industry. That will be Jacqueline. she also dated Sajid khan.

She is putting her friend on purpose. Not many people have 7 siblings, easy for everyone to know who it is

If her friend doesn't want the world to know then why is sonam giving clue about her identity? Very bad

Yes she is referring to Katrina Kaif.

Katrina Kaif?

Katrina ??

Is she hinting at katrina here? Because she is the only one that has seven siblings..

Ok if her friends didn't want to share thier stories,why she talking about it?!...


Is she referring to Katrina kaif?

Horrible! According to Rani she had to know martial arts.. When will someone speak against this, everyone is so quiet in Bwood.

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