Invasion Twitter Review: Netizens give a thumbs up, deem the series as 'intense' and 'intriguing'

Updated on Oct 24, 2021 12:44 AM IST  |  126K
Netizens give a thumbs up
'Invasion' has arrived, and sci-fi fans may celebrate.

'Invasion' has arrived, and sci-fi fans may celebrate. 'Invasion' is set in an apocalyptic timeline on Earth, when aliens come and unexplainable things occur, leaving mankind to struggle to make sense of the new reality. The Apple TV+ program takes a novel approach by depicting the invasion through the perspective of a few regular individuals spread over the world who are compelled to adapt and live in the new conditions. The mysterious aliens were snuggled among humans, making their movements gently but steadily. The thriller series seems to be intriguing, with a superb cast and excellent production.

However, the cast includes Shioli Kutsuna who we know from Deadpool 2, can be seen as a Japanese Technician who is head over heels with one of his astronauts. His in-character name is ”Mitsuki” Shamier Anderson who we know from Wynonna Earp will role as an inhabitant based in Afghanistan. The in-character name is Trevante Ward. Golshifteh Farahani who we know from Extraction plays the role of an immigrant mother from Syria. Her husband will be Firas Nassar and her in-character name is ”Aneesha Malik." Sam Neill who we know from Jurassic Park is an American lawman who is counting days to retire. His in-character name is Sheriff John Bell Tyson and Billy Barratt who we know from Blinded by the Light  plays the role of a schoolboy crushing on someone from his class.

Meanwhile, with the release of the series, fans have taken to Twitter to share their opinions about the cast, production and storyline.

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