It’s Moonsun time: Fans are overwhelmed as MAMAMOO’s Moon Byul and Solar work together on an upcoming song

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MAMAMOO's Moon Byul and Solar: Courtesy News1

MAMAMOO’s Moon Byul and Solar surprise everyone by releasing the teaser for their upcoming track ‘Promise U’. Fans have been patiently waiting for a long time for the subunit to work together and now that they finally have the fandom,  MooMoos, can’t wait for the song to get released! The duo looks charming and captivating as ever, while they sit across a pool in the teaser. 


The acoustic vibe of the song is complemented by the melody of a guitar and the song reflects a fresh and warm vibe as the two sit under the wide and clear summer sky thus making the setting of the music video really impactful and invigorating.


Here’s the teaser for ‘Promise U’:


The twenty-five seconds long teaser is enough to send shivers down your spine as Solar hits high notes in her amazing vocals and reveals that the song is very thoughtful and intense as it talks about making a promise to forget someone.


Moon Byul and Solar are together known by many names such as ‘Moonsun’, ‘the old married couple’, ‘eonnie line’, etc. They are widely known for their amazing chemistry as they are always found together, goofing around and having fun. While Moon Byul is a rapper, Solar is the vocalist and the leader of the group. Thus, the two not only have a great bond but also complement each other’s artistry well.


The song, which has already become a hot topic among netizens, is going to be released on July 28. 


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