It’s officially Xiumin Day! Here are some facts that will make you love EXO’s King of Detail more!

The singer has turned 30 years old today, on March 26 and Twitter was in celebration like it should! Want to know more? Click here!
EXO,Xiumin It’s officially Xiumin Day! Here are some facts that will make you love EXO’s King of Detail more!
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On March 26, 1990 in Gyeonggi Province, was born a baby who not many people knew would go on to conquer the world! Yet, here we are. Celebrating the singer, actor and a member of the band EXO - Xiumin’s birthday. EXO-Ls made the micro-blogging site into a congratulatory party with hashtags such as  #HAPPYXIUMINDAY and #Beginning_of_XIUpring.

The birthday boy has incredible vocals, a cute baby face, and is also an ambassador of the Korean Football Association! And the fans will get a chance to meet this baby-faced strong EXO member on his first ever online fan meet on VLive tomorrow, March 27, 5 PM KST. For Indian fans, Xiumin will come live at 1:30 PM KST. While his existence himself is a treat and a reason enough to love him, here are some detailed facts about him that will make you fall in love with him more! After all, the birthday boy deserves more love after getting discharged from the military, doesn’t he?


Let’s start! 


Did you know, he first approached JYP but was rejected? Then in 2008, he participated in SM’s Everysing Contest, ranked second and went on to become a trainee at SM Entertainment’s Casting System in the same year! And then he got selected in the South Korean-Chinese group EXO. 


In an interview in 2018, he said he wanted to change his nickname and have fans call him something different. On the radio show Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time, fans started sending messages calling the EXO-CBX members “Squirrels” because of their short heights. Then Xiumin said that he’d want to be called something cute, whereas ‘squirrel’ is nice, he’d prefer “squirrel fairy”. Which isn’t a shock as fans already know he’s a squirrel and definitely a pretty fairy!


Xiumin is not just a great singer with a fun personality, he can also get serious when it’s time to! How do we know? Well, it’s because he knows Taekwondo, Fencing, Soccer and Kendo! How impressive is that! While he knows all of this, he’s even considered the funniest member in the EXO M group! No wonder Luhan named him “King of Strength”, he is the strongest member in the same EXO M group. Baekhyun even said that he beat all members in arm-wrestling with just two fingers! 


Another nickname of Xiumin’s is The King of Detail. He is not just the strongest, but apparently, the cleanest and the neatest member in the whole group! He loves bathing too! He is always very particular about things and can be seen cleaning and putting things in their own way many times. 


He fears cats. Now this may be a surprise for the fans who love both cats and Xiumin, but don’t worry. It’s not that he hates cats. He just is scared of them because a cat attacked him when he was a child. Well, we understand. At least he doesn’t fear dogs! 


He loves surprises and was deeply moved when EXO members gave him a surprise at his fan meeting! He joined the military in May 2019, and before that, held a fan meeting called Xiuweet Time to say a goodbye to EXO-Ls. However, after some time, members Suho, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, D.O. and Chen emerged from behind the stage to give him a surprise! Each member took his turn to wish him a special goodbye speech and he got emotional, especially during Kai’s speech! Lay even called him from China to wish a proper farewell! 


Like we said, he loves surprises. When someone surprises him or when he surprises others! EXO’s fifth tour, EXO PLANET #5 EXplOration’s last day in KSPO Dome in Seoul, July 28, fans received an incredible surprise from him! Xiumin used his day off in the military and attended the concert wearing a red t-shirt, sitting in the audience with Super Junior’s Donghae and Siwon! It was of course a big deal for fans because he was still an active soldier! He was even waving his EXO lightstick enthusiastically when the camera panned on him! 


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Happy Birthday, Xiumin! Did you guys wish him a happy birthday yet? Well, wish him in the comments below!