Itaewon Class: Kim Da Mi aka Yi Seo’s best style moments from the hit Korean drama

Remembering one of the greatest fashion-forward shows--Itaewon Class, we are looking back at Kim Da Mi aka Yi Seo’s best style moments.
Itaewon Class: Kim Da Mi aka Yi Seo’s best style moments from the hit Korean drama
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Kim Da Mi aka Yi Seo from Itaewon Class was a true fashion icon, not just for the way she looked but also for how she styled her looks and what message she conveyed through her style. The smart, young, ambitious, character was nothing short of brilliant when it came to fashion on the show, today, we are looking back at some of the best fashion statements from the show. Scroll down to have a look. 


Leather loving: Yi Seo the competitive and fiercely passionate character made sure to show her boldness with rich fabric like leather. A staple in Yi Seo’s wardrobe, leather items dominated her chic and cool closet, which was carried with a lot of sass and attitude! 


Plaid all day: Yi Seo loved oversized and understated plaid clothes, maybe because she didn’t want to stand out but contrasted her approach by adding bright colours to her plaid clothes. Even though oversized layers are tricky to style and can leave you looking bulky, Yi Seo pulled all the looks off with such grandeur that it was like a second skin for her. 


Camouflage: Being one of the crowd members was certainly something Yi Seo wanted, and it was evident from her clothes. Even though we love her personal style, she did everything she could to hide in the crowd. The olive tones, the plaid and neutral colour palettes all show off her subtle style while bold textures and striking colours such as maroon make her stand out from the crowd. Not to forget her stunning two-toned hair. 


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