ITZY and aespa have a sweet encounter at the Dream Concert; Fans are loving the 4th Gen interaction

Published on Jun 27, 2021 08:58 AM IST  |  385K
ITZY at Dream Concert
ITZY at Dream Concert | Photo Courtesy: News1

Following the end of the Dream Concert, aespa posted a photo of them holding drinks and they sweetly thanked ITZY for treating them to the same as their ‘sunbaenim’ or senior artists. The juniors or ‘hoobaes’ even expressed their happiness for being able to meet the quintet girl group. This crossover has been received warmly by fans and netizens online as they showed their surprise and adoration towards the incident. Fans are always keen when they see two idol groups interact. Because of the pandemic and several other reasons, it is difficult to see artists from two different agencies meet like this. Hence, netizens were commenting on how they loved the interaction between ITZY and aespa and termed their encounter as a new fourth generation artist friendship. Fans who stan both the groups were the happiest of the bunch while a few desired to see the girls perform together sometime. Some of the fans displayed their astonishment at how ITZY has already become a ‘sunbae’, considering they only debuted in 2019. 



The Dream Concert was held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on 26th June, 2021 and both the groups were included in the stellar lineup for performances. This concert has been hosted annually by Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association since 1995 and is one of the largest joint K-pop concerts where several groups from different agencies take part. Last year, the concert was held online with the help of technology. This year there were plans to make it an in-person concert, however, it was streamed online even though the venue was an offline one. Apart from ITZY and aespa, the lineup included artists like NCT Dream, ASTRO, Momoland, A.C.E, Oh My Girl, Brave Girls, Dreamcatcher and so on. 


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