IU to TWICE's Tzuyu: These 5 instances where Kpop idols were met with the rudest fans will leave you in tears

Published on Apr 28, 2021 06:29 PM IST  |  961.1K
IU at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards
IU looks gorgeous in a white dress at the Baeksang Arts Award from Getty Images

K-Pop idols' entire careers revolve around them creating a perfect image for fans to look up to, admire and glorify. They're always expected to be prim and proper, not engage in anything that can potentially be controversial and at times, that even extends to who they can or cannot be friends or even acquaintances with. The K-Pop world is highly controlled and their images meticulously orchestrated so as to give off the feeling of a perfect girl or a perfect boy. There's nothing inherently wrong with this, especially considering that this is how the industry has functioned for years now but things get out of hand when the "fans" started taking idols for granted as if they're their own property and not individual people with their own unique identities. When people begin to blur the lines between an idol's professional and personal life, treading into their space where they don't belong, acting entitled just because they're the people who they think made the idols famous, that's when the disparaging dark side of K-Pop or rather, the K-Pop community rares its ugly head. 

Here are 5 times when idols met the rudest fans and still had to swallow their pride and keep their silence.


SNSD's Taeyeon was on stage with the rest of her members at the Angel Price Music Festival performing Run Devil Run. In an unexpected turn of events, an unidentified man appeared on stage and forcefully started pulling Taeyeon away. He claimed himself to be a fan but it is truly unnerving how he could have thought it was alright for him to just pull her away while she was on stage. The man was stopped by the time he got to the end of the stage but the experience was undoubtedly traumatising for her. 


At one of her concerts, during the intermission, IU expressed to fans that she was a bit thirsty and asked whether someone from the front row could pass a water bottle to her. In a split second, a water bottle flew at her face full force and hit her above the eye. This could have been potentially a health hazard for IU, especially since it hit her face. Concert audiences are always given a disclaimer to not throw anything on stage at all because it can be harmful and disrespectful to the artist but in an attempt to gain IU's attention, this fan nearly injured her. 

TWICE's Tzuyu

Fans know that Tzuyu is one of the most soft-spoken and gentle idols in the industry so when at the end of a TWICE fan event, while saying her final greetings, she was interrupted, booed and told to shut up, she quietly passed the mic on to the next person. However, it doesn't take a genius to guess how humiliating and upsetting that experience must have been for Tzuyu. 


Any long-term K-Pop fan would know exactly the incident that we're referring to here. During a fan meeting, a "fan" was seen throwing a temper tantrum at the members of SEVENTEEN, especially Joshua because she thought Joshua was frowning at her. However, in reality, he was suffering from a swollen eye and was in pain. The fan's hissy fit was caught on camera and she later posted on her SNS about her misunderstanding. This is one of those rare cases where fans think they own idols because they pay for their concerts, albums and more. Not only is this incredibly disrespectful but also gives real fans a bad rep. 

AOA Mina

Mina's story of being bullied incessantly to the point of her wanting to self-harm is not news to fans. During a fan event, a "fan" came up to Mina when it was her turn to meet and greet the fan and asked her how long she had trained because she was terrible at singing and should practise more otherwise she would post malicious comments about her all over SNS. This encounter was unnerving and heart-wrenching to say the least, especially for an artist. To think that AOA's then-leader Jimin completely ignored her sentiments and continued to play around happily perhaps added to the wound.  

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