On #IU29thSpring, take a look at the masterpieces the multi talented artist has served us in the last 13 years

Updated on May 16, 2021 06:34 PM IST  |  301.3K
KPop singer IU at the press conference of her drama, Hotel del Luna in 2019. (Pic Credits: News1)

Fierce yet soft. Vocal about personal struggles. Expresses her disbelief and raises her voice through songs. Keeps on growing. Keeps on loving. These are just a few of the many phrases that describe Lee Ji Eun, majorly known as IU. The singer/actor stepped into the entertainment industry in 2008 and since then, has been giving millions of fans multiple reasons to be thankful for being alive at the same time as her. 


With her graceful vocals, superb talent of pitching high notes, great acting skills, and just her fun personality, IU has released tons of content in the past 13 years that make people love her evermore. Her songs talk about youth, sadness, personal struggles, love, coming of age, and much more while her ability to play mature characters despite her age is seamless. As the stunning idol celebrates her birthday today and all social media showering her with immense love, it’s time that we do too!


We’re making a list of four masterpieces that the actor, singer, and songwriter has blessed us UAENAs with. Take a look below!


What being 23 actually feels like


Released in 2015, this is one of the many relatable and realistic songs of IU’s. The song is a part of her fourth mini-album CHAT-SHIRE which has a broad theme of IU’s experiences and thoughts as a 23-year-old. She perfectly encapsulated what being 23 feels like - for some, they’re adults and for some, they’re still a kid. Along with the idea that real adulting starts from 23, becoming responsible, being in love, and being mature. However, IU talks about the many opposites that she goes through - does she need love or focus on her career? Remain free and independent or have someone take some care of you? Like others, she’s confused too and all she says is that it’s okay to be. It’s okay to not figure out a way just yet. 



How heartbreaks really break your heart


Talking about heartbreaks on a different level altogether, IU’s Ending Scene is bound to make anyone cry. At least internally. The lyrics have a conversational tone while we see her and Kim Soo Hyun act like a couple, watching their journey of happy to sad times on a screen. With her soft voice and a short movie-like music video, this song will always be your go-to song if you want to remember your loved one. 



Taking a jab at everyone and anyone who invades idols’ privacy 


Celebrity leads a tough life. Especially the K-Pop celebs with sasaengs and paparazzi hovering over like vultures looking for some meat they can get about the idol’s life. IU’s BBIBBI is a playful track that disses and mocks the people who tend to invade a celeb’s personal life by crossing boundaries. She released the song on her 10th debut anniversary, with blatant remarks that usually make headlines such as - What’s that blank look she’s making? Why does she like those clothes? What’s my score today? She’s such trouble and more. She even gives a warning with the metaphor of a yellow card and calls them stupid. That’s the way to go, our fierce Queen! 



Palette feat. G-Dragon can never go out style


With the many youngsters growing up in a work-from-home or school-from-home situation amidst the pandemic, IU’s Palette seems both like fresh air and a reminder of what’s coming and what’s gone. Released in 2017, IU talks about finding balance and being perfectly fine at 25, from the growing confusion she had at the age of 23. She knows what she likes now, what she doesn’t, and that she’s still herself. G-Dragon’s rap comes in as a reminder while he throws encouragement and motivation. Definitely a masterpiece! 



Age milestones always hold importance in IU’s songs. Such is the case with her recent track ‘Lilac’, where she talks about starting a new journey as she bids goodbye to her twenties and welcomes her 30s with open arms. Among the many songs that she has released, we cherry-picked the ones that will surely remain evergreen. 


As she blossoms into a 29-year-old star, we wish her nothing but happiness and strength to overcome her struggles. A Very Happy Birthday to the vocal and spring Queen, IU! 


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What are your favourite songs of the gorgeous singer? Tell us in the comments below! And don’t forget to drop in your birthday wishes too!