From IU's 'Ah Puh' to sister Lee Suhyun's 'ALIEN', here are 5 non AKMU songs that Lee Chanyuk has worked on

Published on Sep 12, 2021 05:49 PM IST  |  37.4K
Lee Chanhyuk's lyric poster for 'SAILING' : courtesy of YG Entertainment

Lee Chanhyuk is a singer-songwriter from South Korea and was born on September 12, 1996. He is one half of the famous Korean singing duo AKMU. Earlier called Akdong Musician standing for Mischievous Child Musician, the two changed their duo name to AKMU in 2019. 


Lee Chanhyuk debuted as a part of AKMU in April 2014, under YG Entertainment. Prior to this, the two became famous as contestants on the reality show ‘K-pop Star 2’ which they went on to win in 2012. Lee Chanhyuk, along with his sibling Lee Suhyun, is known for their strikingly unique artistry, amazing vocals and creative ability that they have continued to show debuting.


Lee Chanhyuk has taken part in the composition of multiple AKMU songs as well as delved into solo projects for collaborations with other artists. We are taking a look at some of these involvements from the talented artist who celebrates his 25th international birthday today. 


1. Lee Suhyun:
Who better to start with than his own sister with whom Lee Chnayuk worked together on a song. Lee Suhyun released her single ‘ALIEN’ as her solo debut on October 16 2020. The song is a pulsating reassurance that being different is okay.

2. Temporary Idols:
The 2017 SBS drama saw Lee Chanhyuk producing the song ‘Red Carpet’ as an OST. The story revolved around a co-ed K-pop group in an entertainment agency called YZ Entertainment. 

3. IU:
Lee Chanhyuk worked with the uber-popular soloist IU for her song ‘Ah Puh’ which became a part of her record-breaking fifth studio album ‘LILAC’. A song about surfing, it metaphorically speaks about continuing on your decided path even in the face of struggles.

4. Younha:
Another famous soloist Younha had the AKMU artist featuring on her single ‘Thinking About You’, released in 2015. The melodious track finds Younha singing about a lingering love that she keeps remembering about.

Lee Chanhyuk participated in YG Entertainment juniors TREASURE's first studio album by co-writing the song ‘Slowmotion’ alongside other songwriters. ‘The First Step: Treasure Effect’ was released on January 11, 2021.


An artist through and through, we wish a very Happy Birthday to Lee Chanhyuk!


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